Where is Guido Corona?

I have missed Guido's wisdom on Audiogon. Are you still active? Are you OK?

It's been awhile since I've spoken to G as well.
Mr. Guido helped me every steps of the way to get involved with JRDG. Such a gentlement and a true audiophile. I still have his email address but is it appropriate to post here for ev1 sending him best regards?
How about asking him to post what he is comfortable with, or at least a status update?
Hi guys... And thank you for all your kind words, which are -- by the way -- woefully unfounded *grins!*

There have been some exciting changes.... My beloved Mahlers V1.5 have found themselves a new daughting Daddy, and the fabulous Vienna Muzik have officially taken the Mahlers' place in my loft. My power amplification has grown by leaps and bounds, and I am now owning a really sweet pair of JRDG M725 monoblocks. Yet, a relapsing case of audiophilia nervosa is forcing me to mumble something about trying to drive Die Muzik with the -- hopefully soon to be released -- M925 monos.

Saluti, Guido
I exchanged multiple email messages with Guido since this thread began. He attempted to respond but had some issue with posting.

Short answer from him was:

"I am still lurking in Austin (TX), where I am enjoying semi-retirement since early 2009, while doing part time IT consulting for some arcane web coding regs called WCAG 2.0."
Nice to hear from you, Guido! Glad to know you're well.

Was an honor meeting you previously at RMAF.
Likewise Trelja! It's too bad I missed RMAF and all you great Audiogoners in 2012.... Health is quite peachy, but a family obligation took me North. I am hoping for a more musical October 2013. Guido
Good to hear that you are well and still involved in this expensive hobby.