Where is Geoff Kait???😢

I get an email every Friday with a "best of" from the forums and, invariably, I would get my "engineering nerd humor" going full blast reading Geoff Kait remarks and suggestions. Those that did not understand him never had the pleasure of effectively reducing the side-fumbling lunar wayne shafts on those darned finicky sinusoidal dingle arms. I miss that... I do hope he is well and returns to make my Fridays humorous again.

Much thanks to @tweak1 for reminding me of such a simple joy, ESPECIALLY via the use of that dark matter stuff you put on CDs!🙂

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I have lurked here for years, trying to learn and improve my setup.  I do not miss GK.  He was a tool.

More to the point, what happened to @glupson?  He disappeared around the same time...

Does anyone have a pic of GK (never seen one, and I would prefer NOT to rely upon my imagination).