Where is Cary Audio?

I know Cary Audio is not the flavor of the month these days, but where are the current systems w/ Cary Audio gear?

Their products have stood still since DJH retired, but heck their amps and cdp should show up in vintage systems like other high-end brands. I’ve always had a fondness for their amps and cdp’s having owned 3 of their entry products in the past. I periodically look on ebay to see what might show up in my budget, but it seems like they’ve vanished off the face of the earth.

I'm just wondering.
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If you look at their product lineup the best gear is still the one's designed by Dennis Had. Also if you search on line the affordable AES/six pack tube amps. The biggest disaster Cary ran into was getting into Home Theater. The processor was a disaster. Countless HDMI problems. It really hurt their reputation. At least they got smart and exited HT.
Still have my SLI-50, which I bought new in the 90’s.

Can’t seem to part with it. Have gone through many tubes over the years, countless hours of use. Did a full recap recently using better quality caps, replaced power/selector switches. Works like a charm!

Only regret is having traded in my Counterpoint 5.1 and MC240 to get it. Should have kept those… 

Electronic Audio Supply, Cary's sister company and personal project of DH made some fine budget gear too.
...this is my first response or comment, ever to this forum...

I have three systems in house, two of which have Cary  products which handle the digital end:

A 306/200 CD Player


A DMS-500 DAC/Network player

I am not inclined to part ways with them, only upgrade...to better Cary units in their respective processes, a 306 SACD (or Pro), which is hard to find, and the new DMS 700, which I will continue to save for.
Whichever I get first the "old" will be moved to that system, which presently has the Sony HAP  Z1ES, which I am inclined to retain as well.

The sound relayed by the Cary units is, fantastic, and their interface to operation is straightforward and easy. I am relatively surprised at the lack of following/mention within various postings on Audiogon, but that's ok...it seems I am not that alone in the love of Cary products designed to continue to entertain our quest for better sound in our systems, further supported by people's unwillingness to also give them up.

Thank you for listening...

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