Where is Bruce Moore

I had a great conversation with Mr Bob Bergner and i asked the big one! Is Mr Bruce Moore still around? And the answer was YES! If you don't remember Bruce Moore he was the creator of the dual 70 tube amp, but Mr Bob Bergner is servicing  his product now.
Bruce Moore is in San Jose, right? Isn't he himself still working?
He maybe, but my understanding from Bob is he is doing repairs for Bruce but 
If it is something that is MAJOR it is passed on to Bruce. Bruce is concentrating on new designs, from what i was told by Bob during are conversations.

Oh good, Moore’s a talented engineer/designer.
Moore-Frankland, then Audible Illusions, then Bruce Moore Audio.  Great preamps at every stop.
Right Marty, and power amps too. Didn't he make those V-8 amps that George Cardas has in his system?

No V8 was Scott Frankland
I owned a dual 70 great amp.  One of the many I should have kept.
Ah, right you are jwm. Close, but no cigar!