Where is best to sell old Brociner tube amp?

I recently inherited a bunch of old audio equipment, including a Brociner tube amp (it's labeled a BR100, but seems identical to the CL-1 I saw pictures of online). I am trying to figure out where to sell it; any suggestions appreciated.

You need to find a website that is focused on selling audio gear that is typically not considered mainstream (Best Buy, Amazon, etc). Such a site may have listings for gear that is considered high end, rare, vintage, special purpose and anything similar. If I can think of one, I'll let you know.
Yeah. I'll help keep an eye out for that. What I suggest is once you find this site, if they happen to charge to list items for sale, just post in their forum looking for a recommendation of where to sell. You know, like a tacit ad without having to actually pay to list. Just mention the make and model # and wait for offers to flood your inbox.
Inheritedtubes, how did you get as far as to asking this question on here without realizing what website your on? Did you not notice the 'Buy' and 'Sell' links at the top of the page?

It's frowned upon to try and pedal your goods without playing by the rules. Just spend a little more time reading up on how to post your amp for sale in the classifieds and play by the rules please. It happens all the time but the people on this forum adhere to the policies of the website and expect everyone else to as well.

Good luck with your sale.
Selling this unpopular amp could be challenging. You can sell it here, ebay or cl-locally, but the main point is that you should learn first about this amp:
1. What tubes are there and how many per each channel?
2. What's under the chasssis? What kind of resistors, capacitors
3. When it was manufactured from...to and where?
Czarivey, I have no knowledge of the model numbers mentioned by the OP, but any Brociner equipment probably dates from between the late 1940s and the late 1950s. It is probably not worth a great deal, but will be of some interest to collectors and enthusiasts of vintage tube equipment. As with any vintage equipment, its condition will greatly affect its value.

Victor Brociner was a distinguished figure in the early days of hifi. He was a co-founder of Avery Fisher's first company, Philharmonic Radio, and then founded and ran Brociner Electronics during the timeframe I mentioned, I believe in New York City. Subsequently he worked at University Loudspeakers, H. H. Scott, and Avid Corp., during their heydays.

-- Al
I'm big fan of H.H.Scott electronics, but had no idea about Brociner amps though. If I measure one by how H.H.Scott being valued, I'd probably be correct or wrong by a notch. There are figures for as-is unit and there are figures for fully restored one. This could be obtained from ebay and they're running somewhere between $300 and $800 depending on condition. Some of them even having an original detailed user manuals with complete schematics.

One more point, The post had been passed by moderators, and for new members they evaluate posts manually. So I see no reason to bash a new member for legit question.
Hey there--

Thanks for the response. For the record, I didn't post this here in hopes of someone blindly offering to buy my unit. I got to Audiogon through a long and complicated route and figured you folks had much more knowledge of this stuff that I do.

Again, thanks for the responses.