where is best price for faroudja nr

looking for the faroudja to mate with my sharp 9000. my system consists of a lexicon mc1,sunfire signature 5 ch,sunfire sig 2ch philips q50 progressive,dish6000,kef model 4 right left,kef200c center,34tdm sides and model one rears,and the 40b sub.also looking for a better sub any suggestions.
Hi there hifibob. Look for one used.I've seen them a couple of times for 28/29 hundred. Will that help your 9000?? I own the 100U-- would that help me?? What screen do you have? I have the Da Lite Hi Power; any comments?
I had a dq50 for a week or so;great little player. Hated the no eject from the remote/ and the color. I got a black rb91. (for just a few bucks more)
hi avguygeorge.my sharp 9000 is a japan model got a great price on it at 6650.00,all models made after dec 1st are supposed to be able to have their internal scalers bypassed. my unit was made after dec 1st.Im going to to buy a stewart firehawk when available, for now going with dalite 1.1 gain ,i will sell it when hawk comes in.i wish i could be more informative to you ,but im a rookie with a lot of this stuff,but im addictad,and learning fast.thanks for the reply George. I will post and let you know how it all looks when im done. bob
Hifibob;If you're a rokie,I'm a probie-(probationary)on my way up to rookie status.Reading your post;I'm just finding out my scaler can't be bypassed. I know my projector does 16x9 but it isn't a 16x9; and I don't know exactly what that means. I've been hanging at AVS and picking up some info.--Just that a lot that pertains to my projector goes over my head.--Lots and lots of posts on you model;not mine--but the price was right: 3k. Seems like that Firehawk will be 2k?? -ouch-