Where is best place to sell vintage WiFi?

My husband has recently died and I’d like to sell his collection of vintage McIntosh, Denon and Klipsch collection. Suggestions would be helpful. Thanks! 
PS I’m in NC. 


yep thanks for the correction - it won't let me correct now. i believe most know what i mean at any rate.


Agree with laps. As a longtime owner of many McIntosh components, Audioclassics is great. 

If you don’t want any headaches selling to individual people there’s a place called the music room that usually will buy or at least can sign the equipment. They go through it and make sure that it’s working properly and if it’s not they tell you how much it cost to fix it. They were super nice and they sent out a company to pick everything up, They pay the shipping. Then 34 weeks later I had a check. You’ll get a little bit less money from them versus selling it on your own but there’s no headache.