where is another good place to search for b&w's?

I am on here all the time, on craigslist and have a word in to local dealers for some used b&w's. i am looking for a good deal on some of their 800 series floor standing speakers. they are dam hard to come by. my top two choices are nautilus 802's or 803 d's.. any suggestions on other places to look?
thank you,
Patience is needed if you are looking for used...They will come along...Where are you located??? There is a guy in FL that continues to put his 802 N's up, don't think they've sold yet
that guy has been flagged as a fraud 3 times. he has a post on there ugh now but ue changed his location this time. i am learning that there is a great deal of fraud for these speakers down here. i am in daytona...
Keep an eye out at htguide.com/forum

They have a B&W forum and have a classifieds section
Try this guy too...he use to be one here, he has now gone to Ebay for whatever reason. I have spoken to him several times about his items and my needs about my system and its conception. Very nice and easy to deal with and he usually gets some really nice used B&W speakers...his name on ebay is as it was here toooo...don2005digland
Although in AZ...he ships well and you would be satisfied with your new purchase
Audioasylum.com has a pair of 800 signatures listed, or wait till a legit pair turns up here.
If you are just looking on the craigslist for your local area, don't overlook trying a google search which may turn up craiglist ads in other cities (as well as ads on other sites that you might not even have thought of). Of course, craigslist can be pretty risky since there is no seller rating / feedback mechanism. I wouldn't buy off of craigslist unless the seller was close enough to buy from in person.
Audioconsultants.com (Chicago)has 802n listed as used. Audioclassics.com had some 802s not long ago, excellent dealer, two time happy customer.
thank you.... i will keep an eye out. i am hoping for something close by. i have learned that there are way too many scamers out there.
audioasylum is in Germany... i don't want to head down that road.
The 800 sig. that I mentioned on audioasylum is located in USA, didn't list the zip.
the site is in the usa but the post for the speakers is in Germany.
"05-28-12: Baranowski
the site is in the usa but the post for the speakers is in Germany."

What makes you think they're in Germany?
Just curious.
Last time I stopped in, Park Avenue Audio in Manhattan had a pair (or trio) of well cared for 802Ds. :)
i wrote the post and they said they were in Germany.
i have done the Google as well... well... i guess it is just a waiting game.
any other ideas?

Patience is the key...Have you demo these speakers yet?? The Magnolia Stores around you might carry these or find one that does...You do have a Diamond dealer in Jacksonville (Sound Installation) just north of you or (Premier Electronics Solutions in Melbourne) and that's where I would head, because they should have what you are looking for so you can hear them yourself.
i have a word in to all of the surrounding b&w dealers around a 100 mile radius. i do not want to buy new.
Where are you? I do not see this mentioned in any of the posts.

Have you gone to demo a pair of new???? You don't have to buy to listen and talk even with a rep..not at Magnolia, but a place that sells high end equip...this makes a world of difference. You want to be sure that you get what you are looking for relative to your dimensions and room scenario