where I might be able to find spk spades

Could someone tell me where I might be able to find spades can crimp 4 of 16 gage speaker wires at one end? I know Kimber has some but i can not afford $35+ for set of 4.
thanks for all the help.
Why not try stnemo@starpower.net, the Stealth designer. He has silver spades made to his own design, and might be willing to sell you some. I've used his and Kimber, and while I can't say I've heard a difference in sound (since they were on very different cables), his inspire confidence.
Audioquest has several sizes of spades available. I bought four pairs of large spades for about $15.
The Parts Connection.Frank or Eddie are great to deal with.
Don't dismiss Radio Shack for that kind of stuff. They do not make anything. The buy from a lot of the same suppliers as others and put the item in their packaging.
For the record, four 16 gauge wires is equivalent to a 10 gauge conductor. Since the jackets will be somewhat buckled up against each other, you may have to strip of slightly more wire than you normally would in order to get them into a spade. If that is the case, use some shrink wrap to make sure that the wires don't fray, short out, etc.. This will also help keep the four seperate runs of 16 gauge together. Sean
To add to the excellent sourcing advice above: Saw some "Aurix" spades on offer @$25/quad thru the bearlabs site (bearlabsusa.com).
www.wbtusa.com Not only do they make speaker connectors, but also IC connectors and I/O jacks for componants. I see a number of manufactures use WBT products an their equipment. JPS SC2 speaker cable uses WBT. I have their speaker cable w/Bananna's at one end and spades the other, very nice product.
Check out DH Labs, you can get the same connectors (bannana or spades) used on their T-14 or Q-10 cables.
I want to a Automotive store and bought some nice size spades. And they work great.