Where have all the cables gone?

Used to see plenty of 'for sale' of Nordost, Kimber, AQ.
Now... none.
What is it, a dry spell? A cabal against those companies. Everyone who has them loves 'em so much they will never part with them?
Any clues?
They have always been alien snakes infiltrating the human race. They now realize there is no benefit to overtaking the audiophile community and have stolen back to their original alien masters under cover of night. Ray Kimber, take note! We know what you really are!
They have returned to their original avocations,holding up suspension bridges.
Everything has its season. "First comes Spring and Summer. Then Fall and Winter. There will be growth in the Spring." (Few of lines in Peter Seller's last flick, "Being There.") I've noticed similiar occurances on E-bay as well with all sort of equipment. I believe people are beginning to realize that there is nothing wrong w/"older" stuff. In fact, many pieces of older equipment are better sounding @ a faction of the price of newer equipment. I think it is only temporary. Just a cycle.
"Gornt, klaatu barada nikto." (spelling of alien languages is hard). Essen sie gonnensie. Das ist missinzie.
Wait one week, click your heels three times, and face Kansas, and they will appear.
Good listening,
I got'cher cable right here! Music Metre Silver 1/2 meter RCA 9/10 $130! Oooooh Yaaaaah Baybeeee!


PS These are too short to hold up bridges. It's Spring already so here's your friggen growth.....and they won't need no stinkin' viagra! You doesn't have to click your heals, but have at it if you feel better, cause at my asking price I'll ship them to Kansas or any of the other 47 lower states. They don't seem to be responding to any alien siren calls of late as they have not moved from my drawer in over six months......wait a minute, what's going on here, they were here before but now they're.....what was that hissing noise.......it came from in here.....hello....is anyone in thAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHRRRRRRGHHHHH!!!!!!!
I don't know what the hell happened. All I was doing was playing my horn that I bought for a buck at a flea market from an old lady and all these crazy cables started a-commin (she did say that it was a magic horn!). My house is full of them. Unfortunately, most are DIY or Rat Shack. Come on guys, buy some Golden References!
A black hole...