Where has been your most effective placement for an aftermarket fuse?

Not looking for a debate with anybody on whether aftermarket fuses work or not, this thread is for those fortunate members with the hearing to know that they do indeed work.
I am very interested in your thoughts and opinions as to where they work the best, the biggest bang for your buck if you like.
For myself I am going to say it is in my Metrum Onyx DAC.
And not just my present DAC, all of my last 3 DAC,s showed a very nice easily audible improvement with an aftermarket fuse.
Next I would say is in my Gold Note phono stage and lastly in my BAT integrated amp.

So what or where would you say has been the most noticeable piece of equipment that has benefited from a fuse change in your system?
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on a panel board?....I mean...is this some kind of a test?...will there be an exam at the end...shall I take notes...pay more attention? 
@uberwaltz I appreciate your attempt at an answer.I've seen it asked but ignored in the past.So thank you:-)
As I mentioned in the last ill-fated fuse thread, Maggie owners have for years been doing away with those fuse banks for the mid and tweeter by bypassing them or by filling the fuse slots with a solid conductor.  The boutique fuses are a good choice if you don't want to tear things apart. I use SR Blues far beyond the factory ratings of 5A and 2.5A. Right now, I have 20A and 10A.  This is expensive and is like no fuse protection at all, but they sound better.  I don't worry about pushing the ratings. Uber, did you replace your Maggie fuses at all?  
SR black in a Coincident CSL preamp.
SR black in a ModWright Sony HAPZ1ES,  One fuse made a difference the other didn't
Tried SR black in Coincident Frankenstein amps and they made zero difference. 
I'm thinking about trying Oranges in my AtmaSphere M-60's.

I am ashamed to admit that all the time I owned my Maggie's I never even thought about the fuses😕.
In fact I never touched them again from where I first plonked them down as they just sounded so right.

Which fuse worked in which component?