Where does your user name come from?

Hi everyone,
I'm curious to know what's the story behind your user name (or Alias)... There are a bunch of people that use their name (of parts of it) like myself, Albert Porter, GerryM5, Esoler...

But where does user name like Cornfedboy, Garfish, Calloway, Tireguy, SwampWalker (and many many others) come from? Any story behind?

Just curious
My username is a relection of my love for this hobby. The "K" is in there because at the time I signed up with Audiogon I had a mostly Linn system. I have since moved on to other brands, but have kept a "K" in my username and password for this and other sites.

TWL are my initials.
My username "slowhand" comes from one of my favorite guitarists, Eric Clapton.
In my case it speaks for itself. On my very first post here, in which I used my real name, a highly esteemed member's immediate response to my post was simply, "you're clueless."

Who am I to argue with the AudioGods?

I remain,
Reality is never as good as imagination! Don't elimnate the mystery. Most people aren't as interesting once you get to know them.
Clueless has the best name on AudiogoN.
Cornfedboy is from Iowa. It's in his bio. That's are the only ones I know.
A combination of ny champion pedigree female Maine Coon Cat "Cooneyisle Sugar Britches". My wife calls her Brie. My friend Sandy is a professional breeder. Britches was one of Sandy's prize breeding queens before she retired to my house. Sandy's website is Cooneyisle.com
If you search the cat's full legal name on Google, you will find pictures of some of her decendents at various places around the globe.
It bothers me not a little that your "cat's" descendants are on the Web as none of my anscestors have made it there yet.

I remain
Clueless, i sure hope it wasn't i who "bashed" your first post. You've proven yourself to be a highly valued asset here. I shudder to think that i might have offended or deterred someone as willing as you to share their knowledge. PLEASE tell me it ain't so... Sean

PS... My name is really William Robert Joseph James Raymond as i am named after all of my uncles. My relatives call me Billy Bob Joe Jim Ray for short. To keep things simple here, i chose "Sean" as it seemed the closest that i could come up with to all of the above.
My other hobby that gets the rest of my money, that doesn't go for stereo equipment, is scuba diving.
Hence, Mike1diver.
I was clearly overly anxious about a car purchase and decided to change my ID to reflect such. I had planned on changing it back to EHEAD (an entirely different story) once the car arrived, but it is amazing how many a) I have a Porsche too, which one do you have, or b) based on your name, do you drive a Porsche cab? It actually sparks interest in another passion of mine, the 1997 Porsche Twin Turbo Convertible. I sold the vehicle last week because each oil change was worth more than my Honda!!

I suppose it is time to head back to EHEAD.

I love this post, Sugarbrie, I have wondered the same!


This is actually a cool thread!
My user name is my nick-name that is completely abstract and can be interpreted with huge bunch of definitions. Since definitions for this nick name is so many I now consider my user-name abstract and give members an ability to define it the way they want to.
i picked mine for lack of anything else more ironic that came to mind. i was new to internet chat sites but not to audio. it has been interesting to see how often people have thought i was a newbie to audio and acted accordingly. i think about changing it, but what the hell..........
I can't wait to hear Dogpile's reason for his username!
I started doing research about a year ago because I wanted to get a HT system including plasma tv. One of the very first sites I stumbled upon was Cable Asylum over at AA. I started reading posts by John Risch, Steve Eddy, Audioengineer and other engineering pro's. Cable Asylum can get real technical real fast. I would read posts and reread posts. I took physics in college but these guys were way over my head. I went out and bought a basic electronics textbook to study so I could try to follow some of their posts. It got a little better but mostly it is like trying to pound nails into rocks. Hence Rockhead.

My first purchase for the HT was Von Schweikerts gen III. When I hooked them up to my ancient Adcom 555 amp, my jaw dropped. I spent all my HT money on a 2 channel front end.
Nothing on TV and most movies aren't very good anyway. Glad I didn't buy the plasma first.

Mine is simply a derivation my name, Joseph Anthony Trelli.
A company where I used to work would just concatenate the first 4 letters of one's last name, initial of first name, and middle initial(if any) together. TRELli, Joseph Anthony -> TRELJA
Mine is my internic/ICANN id assigned to me when I registered the domain names for the websites I used to run. A little ubergeekish but my original username from the old BBS days was legion, which I took from a severed heads song but seemed to be already taken on most sites.
My wife initally registered with Audiogon to purchase an item that I had expressed interest in. And, I'm sure many of you have already guessed it was within the first few days after purchasing her new car. My real name is Damon Edward Robert Newman AKA 2001impala.

Happy Listening,

Viridian is a shade of green, as in green with envy over some of the gear that you these guys are running.
My name is Ross, and I love reggae music. Many of my friends call me either rossman or rosstaman. I guess it depends on their love of reggae. Actually, I love all types of music, with a special fondness for reggae.

To quote Duke Ellington: "If it sounds good, it is good."
Doesnt stand for anything. Get it?
I just love the product and still own: 10.1, 3.6, and CC1.
The moniker is my first/last name intitals, spelled phonetically (it's also a nick name). I had thought it best not to use my full name as the amount of emails received would be endless (being that I am rich/famous and extremly sexy in real life).
me middle name is James. So mejames
There are four in our immediate family and we are all fans of the same baseball team. (Covering my head to ward off the inevitable blows!)
My favorite band, the Chameleons (UK)....

Just gotta love squids!

James Baird Weaver, of Iowa, was the Presidential candidate of the People's Party in 1892. His political manifesto for the campaign, A Call to Action, outlines the goals of the party and critiques U.S. politics and society of the time. I use it in class as part of the discussion of Populism. --Scott
m - My first initial
v - My wife's first initial
wine - what my four-year-old does best (no, that's whine).
Mine comes from the pseudonym used by the fictional detective Lemmy Caution (beloved by the French) in the great Jean-Luc Godard movie, "Alphaville."

In the interest of enhancing the mystery, a prize will be awarded to the best guess posted here (no fair telling, Craig). And if I really like it, I will adopt it as part of my persona, public and private.
Swampwalker, let me guess... with a name like that, you must be a wetlands/soil scientist (self-employed), making your living digging holes and tying little flags on trees. Did I guess right?!

As for mine, someone had already taken my name and given that I have a minimum of 8-10 different logins I use at work each day, I chose something completely different for Agon, a nickname given to me by a friend in high school. It is based on my first name Travis and the fact that he was an Elvis Costello fan.
I've always had a penchant for Russian/Eastern European women..."dorogoy" is Russian for "dear man," and 54 is for the year of my birth.

Some of my friends think I'm often grumpy and impatient with their lack of audio knowledge, so I almost picked "Van Alstine" as a nickname. (Apologies, Frank, but it has been written that the products are sweeter than the man!)
My user name is my initials. I know, what's so note worthy about that. Well when I was signing up for A'gon I ment to use the name Stereojunky but I put the name and initials in the wrong places and so I'm now known by my initials on A'gon. I know, kind of silly but I thought it was worth a chuckle......John
I got tired of picking cool names and then finding out someone beat me to it, had an old Sonny Chiba streetfighter video sitting there and that was the name he used in the movie ,Terry Sugury aka Tsugury!
It was an easy pick for me & covers a lot of area. I drive a tractor trailer & it's standard business practice to call the truck driver "driver". Also I thought driver would help identify with audio as it is one of the essential components and lastly since A-gon is made possible with our computers it is fitting that a driver is also a computer device.

Registering here was the first time I used it & although I've tried to use it on other sites (like ebay) it's usually taken.
Bluenose is a nickname that used to signify you're from Nova Scotia. Just like we used to call Newfoundlanders from the rock, "Nuffies". I just thought noone would be using "Bluenose". Of course they used to also call us "herring chokers". Of course we had to have "blue" potatoes to go with the fish....
Mine comes from my love of a certain German-made horizontally opposed twin motorcycle, mostly the late 50's early 60's R69S, equipped with sidehack and Earles fork.
I use my dogs name Gretchen (85lbs German Shepherd). I really think she loves the system more than I do. We actually fight for the couch when I turn it on.

Cheers, Jim
i lived in iowa during the first 27 years of my life. where corn was, and still is, a staple. in the "hard" variety for livestock and in the "sweet" form, picked and eaten within the day, for such as i.

VAYAsteve means GO STEVE,had that nickname sine I first got on line so why bother changing it.
Like Mike1diver, mine comes from the "other" hobby that consumes all my time and money, fishing. Also, I couldn't think of a "catchy" audio name!
Abysmillard is a very minor character in Mark Helprin's "Winter's Tale." I love the play on words within the name as well as the way the relcusive nature of the character matches my own personality. I've used this handle on various boards for many years.
What a wonderful thread! I started this a long time ago, how ever when the turmoil ruled it was deleted(part of the old site news section) so a great time to touch base with an important and curious topic. I am the Tireguy or so my license plate says, I have a fondness of those black round little things, sigh.... And I have heard it all including Tiredguy and the like ;) nothing catchy to it unfortunately no mystery. Where I live I am known as Tim The Tire Guy and am afforded rights of being a small time celebrity-I am my own biggest fan :) keep them coming there's more then a few(monikers) I am curious about!
I am actually using my first name. I'm the third in our family and figured no one else has this name so go ahead and flaunt it.I go under the username "Dorkbrains" in Ebay.I tried Sherod and someone else was using it.Go figure.I was tired that night and tried some of my favorite nicknames to find they were all being used so I went with "dorkbrains" out of frustration.Needless to say, growing up with a name like Sherod,for a boy, that was tough in a small, "red-neck" town.I once told my parents they should have named me Sue...
SwampWalker: No offense, but after El Dragon's post a few years back I always "think" SwampKiller though I read SwampWalker (can't get that one out of my head:-).
Dekay, maybe you've solved the Swampwalker mystery?!?!

First initial for Wayne, last name. I should have used Hopey which is my fiancee's nickname. That way we could be spending more quality time together...
I get asked this a lot. I was one of the very first internet junkies at AOL over ten years ago (time flies!). At that time, there was only one user name per subscriber. My roommate and I were huge Pippi Longstocking fans and decided this would be a good common denomintor for the two of us. I ended up with the name for the long term.
Mine is a nickname given me by my younger brother when we were kids, itself a suffixed version of a corruption of his original attempt at pronouncing my actual name when he was a toddler, and couldn't quite say it: "Aikes" (silent "a", long "i" sound, silent "e" - rhymes with "likes") + "Z" = "Zaikes", + "-man" = "Zaikesman" (to say it like my brother, the "a" in the "-man" part should be swallowed short, not enunciated). Did anybody guess that my name is Alex?

P.S. - Cham, I'm jazzed to find another fan of Birdy and the boys in these parts!
I'm sorry, but you will have to figure that out for yourself ;-)
Mine is a shortening of Construction Traveler. I work heavy construction and as a result I might have to move 5 or 6 times a year. In 2000, I started in WY, went to HI, NY, and two jobs in CA. This year 4 jobs, all in NY.