Where does one obtain lead shot to fill stands

Wish to fill speaker stands for Spendor SP100 speakers. Any other recommendations for resonance control for these speakers would be welcome.
Try a local gun or specialty sporting goods supply.
Hunters use shot to pack their own shotgun shells.
Shooting ranges usually have lead shot in their stores.
A product called "Soundbytes" is supposed to be good. I use unscented kitty litter, which you can find at your local supermarket, cheap. Works fine. Oh, and it was recommended to me by a friendly high end retailer, not one of those "wire is wire" "naysayers" everyone around here likes to dismiss.
I mix the lead shot with clean, dry sand which can be purchased at Home Depot/Lowes or Toys R Us. Don't use sand that is lying about or has been collected at the beach as the moisture and saline content may be deleterious.
Before you run out and buy a bag full of lead, consider the fact that it can be very hazardous, especially to children.
Also, many jurisdictions would consider it to be a "hazardous waste" if and when you want to dispose of it. From my experience sand works just as well and is essentially harmless. Just a thought...

Derek Stewart
Micro-bearing conductive steel fill material


Please view above before making final decision. Very interesting alternative to lead and sand

HTH Dave
Dave is right. The micro bearings from audiopoints are the way to go. No comparison to lead shot.
How about using BB gun ammunition? Isn't that made of copper?