Where do you want your system to go when you go?

People think of real estate, stocks, property...etc.  But I'm wondering where would my audio systems go when I go?  Most in my family are happy with television and an audio system that is more like a TV or toaster.  Not to be morbid, but my friends that would have cared are no longer living.  There are lawyers, charitable causes and other "things" for other possessions, but I cannot see my systems going to Goodwill....etc.  For us baby boomers it is a real thought.  My best friend, who died of cancer, had a decent system with sperates and some Martin Logan speakers... his wife didn't care and ended up giving it all away and basically just watches TV.  

What do you want to happen to your system?...hopefully many of you have people in your life that your system would mean something to them.



















I woke up this morning feeling pretty good about life.  Read the thread.  Now I'm depressed.  I've tried various combinations of mood lighting, surfed the streaming services for various mood enhancing genres, but nothing seems to help.  Thought of getting ladder, climbing on top of one of my 6'-4" speakers and jumping off, but the ceilings are too low for me to fit.  Binge-watching the Hallmark channel brings me back up for a bit.  But, the thought of how much money $10K worth of audiophile cables will fetch at an estate sale puts me back in the dumpster.

Think I do a burn out in one of my hot rods.  That usually helps.  And, when I'm gone I'm pretty sure it will go someone who appreciates it.

I care to the point of not wanting to trouble my wife with anything that she would consider a bother or headache or yes, some pile of crap to deal with.  Fortunately, she doesn't like to be bothered with very much, so my guess is that 1-800-Got Junk or something similar would be the beneficiary.  Is what it is.  

Too funny... just yesterday I bought three albums, in a record store I rarely visit, as it is 50 miles from my house (but I had the time/opportunity while my wife was doing wifey things). On our drive home, my wife asks "when the Time comes, what am I going to do with all this junk you keep bringing in...and your stereo?'

I told her I have a loose pact with some friends in our Vinyl Club. There are three of us who have mid to large size collections AND decent audio systems (many vinyl collectors have "barely adequate" playback systems). We have discussed dispersal arrangements several times... maybe time to put them in writing? Kinda like a secondary will? Hmmmm...

Yes, a loyal dog is always a good choice.....my cat is a bit too much into "techno" for my taste.