Where do you want your system to go when you go?

People think of real estate, stocks, property...etc.  But I'm wondering where would my audio systems go when I go?  Most in my family are happy with television and an audio system that is more like a TV or toaster.  Not to be morbid, but my friends that would have cared are no longer living.  There are lawyers, charitable causes and other "things" for other possessions, but I cannot see my systems going to Goodwill....etc.  For us baby boomers it is a real thought.  My best friend, who died of cancer, had a decent system with sperates and some Martin Logan speakers... his wife didn't care and ended up giving it all away and basically just watches TV.  

What do you want to happen to your system?...hopefully many of you have people in your life that your system would mean something to them.



















I had once hoped to pass my equipment to my sons, but they have neither interest nor room for it.

If I had the time, I would designate each piece to be disposed through an appropriate channel -- some on Audiogon, some on eBay, some on Craigslist, some to Buy Nothing, some to Goodwill, and some to friends and/or relatives.  Some things would be disposed of together, like my Pass Aleph electronics.

As messy as it sounds.

After I went partially deaf, I broke down my big system and give some of my prime gear to my nephew. He's into it and will know what to do with my remaining stuff. But I'm tempted to give more of my gear away to others if the opportunity arises. 

My oldest son has already inquired about it. He said he has vivid memories as a little guy of me building speakers, listening to music, and tinkering with the system. He’s shown ample interest, has started to put together a decent system of his own, and all of the other kids have all the system they want, plus have other "significant" items from me, so I’m on board with it.



This is something I've thought about since building enormous DIY corner horns. A lot of resources got poured in to them and they make me happy for now. When I go I hope they don't go to landfill. They don't have the benefit of a famous maker's name, never been reviewed, require an active network and 6 channels of amplification to run, are complex to disassemble for transport and complex to reassemble, and they're huge. I think at some point before I'm too old I'll need to seek out a younger person who would be happy to have them and initiate a transition of ownership. Or at least make sure they know how to set the speakers up and then put them in my will. 

For me it's more about what happens to my music than the gear. I have carefully built a collection over several decades that is a reflection of who I am and what moves and inspires me so I really don't want to see that broken up and scattered to the winds. I am hoping my son will be at a point in his life where he can happily accept the whole lot and get some deeper insights into me via the artists I love as he works his way through my LPs. It would be great if he were into the gear as well and recreated my system in his space but I'd be just as happy if he sold it all and took a nice vacation.