Where do you start your cable upgrade?

Just looking for opinions from those who have or are in process of interconnect, speaker cable, power cord upgrades. Between what components is the best place to start and then the sequence to finish.
interconnect from source to preamp or amp section, then pre to power, then speaker cable, the cord.
I second Lafish. Start with the source.
i agree with lafish. the only suggestion i would add is experimenting with differnt combinations with the interconnects.

i have gotten so much better results with different ic's than all the same type.

i.e. xlo signiture II betwenn cd to pre ( this is a very revealng fast cable - big images and incredible bass)

caardas hexlink / golden cross- between pre to amp. the cardas adds body and bloom.

when i ttried all xlo - too thin and bright ( too fast) and when i tried all cardas - total loss of detail and too much bloom and loss of image specifcity (too slow)

take home as many different pieces of interconnects as the local shop will let you and experiment.once you get your interconnects locked in, you can deciede if you want to move forward with speaker cable.

good luck !!



here is a good site to check out. oscar sheds some insight in cable design and cable interactions

First, upgrade the power cord that came with the unit. This cord is usually a crummy $2.00 item, sometimes 16 or even 18 gauge. Then move on to the source interconnect, power amp interconect, then speaker cable.
As you start making your changes, take your time. I won an auction a few weeks ago for three sets of Z Squared solid gold interconnects. I plugged them in where I had previously had some Radshak standards. I heard no differance. huh? Then, about a week later I started noticing that everything started sounding better. Much better. That crazy, scientifically impossible 'burn-in' time really is for real. another thing: when you are ready to really see if your new cables can compare with the old, try using one set on your right channel and the other on your left. Put on your most favorite CD, the one you know like you know better than anything else. Play with the volumn controls and the balance controls. Makes for good comparison. Especially if you have someone 'trade-out' the cables and then you get to guess which witch is which....

Careful. this test can cause financial disaster for those who can't tell the differance....what, will new speakers help....pre.....amp....power cord....house redecoration...divorce......
..the final "upgrade" you mention being the most overwhelmingly expensive one, and either the most or least satisfying......
Only start with the wire upgrade if your pretty much done with component upgrade. I would start with IC on preamp to amp first along with power cords and do some listening then take power cord out and compare, then the IC and compare, you may find power cords make more of a difference and the same goes for IC, this will help you find the strengths and weakness of your preamp and amp, next I would do the same for CD/Transport and DAC again if you can try both IC and power cords this will help you best. last I would try speaker wire.
I find having good power cords helps in the what is better department when it come to IC. This is just my way of doing things and what works for me may not work for you! Happy wire hunting!
Whitlock gave you a good path. Now, I would make sure I have the best power delivery/noise control scenario I could. Make sure you get cryo'ed receptacles...
Interconnect, source to Pre. The source has the highest output impedance, so it will be more sensitive to cable capacitance. Next in line should be the pre to amp.
Source to Pre
Amp to Speaker
then the rest
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