Where do you sit?

When you listen to music, where do you like to sit?

On the floor? Beanbag? Rocking chair? Sofa?

We just put a convertible sofa/bed in our new music room, and I must tell you it is by far the best tweak or upgrade you can possible get!

So where do you guys and gals set your posteriors for music enjoyment? After all, that is the payoff of this crazy addiction, and the best seat in the house!

Giant Bean bags set on futons to raise the ear to proper height.
KP, Do you use the sofa/bed open or closed when listening to music?
Hey man, I don't want the Fbi in my listening room. Watch out KP!

Sincerely, I remain
it starts closed, later we open it. We love to listen to music together, she'll pick a song, I'll pick a song, and so on.
Certainly, one of life's greatest experiences.

Clueless: yea, the goverment wants to be into everything! You'd think they'd be busy enough getting the mail delivered, but nooo!

FBI:stay away, fuzzzzz

My favorite spot is in my rocking chair but the sofa is nice too.

Hey KP, I'd listen right now except I'm going to work for the UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE because it is a 24 hr./365 day a year operation. Yep, right now it's almost 8 pm Saturday night. BTW, I am not a gov't or federal employee, so contrary to how you think events take place, you are entitled to your opinion but that doesn't necessarily mean they are correct.
I have an old recliner that I have broke into just the right level of compliance. And we'll just leave it at that. :)
KP: Have you tried spiking your sofa bed? Awesome bass!
Pls1: your beanbag setup sounds like a real kick!

Driver: I see you took my remarks in another post to heart! Please do not be offended, I was stating my experiences here, in Miami, with USPS. I was stating facts, and I wish they had been different! Please, let's keep our communications jovial and pleasent, since that is what I come to Audiogon for!

GBoren: Awesome what?? ah, bass... yes... bass...

Peace, Love, and Music to all!

Just the facts man, Just the facts!
Connoley leather sectional sofa with the V of the couch against the back wall thus V'ing directly into the room(as in not in the corner as your typical sectional, ain't nothing typical about me :) Why spend tons of green and sit on a lawn chair, enjoy lifes finer things-if only I could get the couch with a cup holder, ugggghhhhh!
The facts.. the facts! I can't handle the facts!

Sincerely, I remain
~~~~Tim, That sounds interesting. It seems the sectional, in that position, would gather the music and direct it into the Vee. Must be some great imaging.

~~~~As for the cup holder, Get one of those counterweighted and jointed reading lamps. Unplug, remove the bulb and add a cupholder with a threaded base. If it is a hot beverage, add a dimmer,plug in, and adjust to taste.(NOT!)

~~~~Now to actually add something on topic; listening to music, I sit in an oak kitchen chair to avoid changing the directivity or absorbtion of the sound waves. Vegging out to the tunes, it's the lazyboy recliner (Less surprising if I fall asleep!) (-_-)
KP, I was trying to express a different point of view regarding the USPS. Having read the other reply in the other post you can tell that's what I was after. Since you brought it up again here I again replied with a different sort of comment.

I work with a variety of different people in various positions & if someone is a pinhead, it doesn't matter what they do-they're still inept & it makes everybody elses job more difficult & reflects badly on everybody (i.e, your crummy mail delivery problems). I can understand your frustration but just because you're having a problem with mail service doesn't mean the entire postal system is screwed up. That's what I was trying to convey & maybe that's what I should've said. Just like there are some shyster car mechanics, that doesn't make them all bad. Or preachers, policemen or high end audio salesmen.

With that said I'll not comment on the USPS regarding this particular discourse, but possibly I'll be able to contribute more everyday type of information in the future.
I use a beach chair, with two cushions to get tweeter to ear level. Not so confortable but verrrry transperent. I am still looking for that perfect comfortable chair which resembles my beach chair. I have thought about trying out a Ricarro with a headrest...
Ah, Driver, I see my comment. I was not, in that case, taking a jab at USPS! I was just commenting that goverment is WAYYY to involved in our lives and should worry about the 'basics.' Beleive it or not, that was an innocent remark. Remember, the original concept of the Federal Gvt. was that it'd be self funded through mail fees.

I wish Miami USPS service took 1/10th as much pride in their jobs as you did; I would then be a very happy customer.

Tireguy:never though of putting a V sofa like, sounds like a good twist.

Nilthepill: I could never find a chair/recliner that was comfortable for more than the first hour or so.

Wherever my butt does not squash a snoozing cat. When I get serious I pull a low backed chair out from the dining table and place it in the near field.
Leather reclining chair in the sweet spot. It's probably not the optimal chair for sound reproduction, but it does just fine, thank you.

FYI - Bachelor with semi-dedicated sound room.
To Killerpiglet

My wife and I have been listening for thirty years on giant bean bags with multiple buckwheat husk pillows to support our heads. With my sigtech I can get rid of the small high bass dip caused by them. When your top favorites include Wagner, Mahler and Bruckner you want to be comfortable for long periods of time/
i always thought that a barber's chair would be great. Comfortable, height adjustable, and can swivel. Only thing needed would be wheels to move to nearfield or farfield.
Wow! Beanbags are pretty popular. I may have to investigate those. My recliner has a relatively "high back." I'm sure that isn't the best thing to have a few CM right behind my ears. I imagine a beanbag would alleviate that, hence their popularity!
I haven't sat in a beanbag chair in years, but aren't they kind of noisy if you shift around? Seems it would be distracting. Besides, I think I'm too tall to sit in a beanbag these days...
To Vdub: I'm 6' 1" and 51 years old. You need a bean bag filled with premium beans and not regrind or shredded foam. I'm also don't figit.
Vdub: You really only notice the "bean" noise when you are stoned out of your mind. For those who have not "kept on trucking" (granted that they do not abuse Nutmeg) I can't imagine this being a problem. I could never get into the "bean bags", but do have a pair of the original "umbrella" chairs, which are lousy for listening due to the side wings. My "all time" favorite listening chair (in the near field as mentioned above) is a French Riviera folding wrought iron chair with a woven seat, fold up arm rests and a low heart shaped back (also woven). The only downside is that it is on the heavy side, but it is also extremely comfortable as well as acoustically correct for this application. I used to have a chair fetish, but moved on to vintage Kirby vacuum cleaners (the ones with thick aluminum housings and red bags:-).
Well, I'll consider the beanbag thing. I do have a barber chair, though. I suppose it would make a good listening chair, but it's way the heck too heavy to lug into the living room. I guess I'll continue sitting on the overstuffed loveseat and strategically positioning my two dogs in the room to break up any errant reflections. Now if they could only push buttons and twist dials...
An old Morriss chair with cushions sculpted to keep my head pitched vertically to allow rear reflections. Yet I still fall asleep!
My purple and black leather sofa.......or on the floor leaning back against the sofa..... or sometimes I sit in a "near field" position right in between the two speakers. It's almost like wearing headphones but there's nothing uncomfortable rubbing up against your ears.