Where do you plug in?

I want to replace several power cords. Does it matter whether I buy them short and keep the power strip near to my equipment or whether I buy them long in order to keep the power strip more remote? What arrangements do others use?

The power cords that I bought and love (Pure Note) sound the same long or short. But I would get rid of the power strip unless it is wired with the same high grade that your power cords made with, or you will probably be wasting money.
If you really need a power strip, Pure Note will custom make one for you.


Hi Judith,

I agree with Richard about losing the power strip unless it is something special. Maybe a Juice Bar from PS Audio would work for you. You can Daisy chain them if you need more than 6 receptacles. They're about $200 each. Personally I'd probably go with the shorter power cords especially if they are expensive and the longer ones cost more... I doubt that there'd be a large performance edge either way.

I'd plug the power amp straight into the wall if possible; but you could try it both ways.

BTW, how'd you make out tracking down that performance inconsistency at 500-1000Hz?