Where do you guys buy tubes?

Where is the place that you guys TURST to buy your tubes?

Thank you,
McShane and Kevin@Upscale.  However, two that I'm currently using were eBay.
WOW!!!! Andy from Vintage Tube Services is a super super nice person.  Helped answering all my questions even he don't carry the tube that I am looking for.  If I am looking for NOS in the future, this is the place I will do business with.  Two thumbs up for Andy at Vintage Tube Services.


I've had excellent experiences with both "tctubes.com" (Tyler and Chelsea are a pleasure to deal with, and they really know their stuff) and  Brent Jessee at “audiotubes.com" who is an expert with all kinds of tubes.  I bought two matched quads (four years apart) of Genelex Gold Lion KT-77's from tctubes, and have been extremely satisfied.  More recently, I bought a set of five "small tubes" from Brent Jessee ..... a matched pair of GE JG 5751 backplate triple mica premium military grade (12AX7 spots), a matched pair RCA 12AU7 Cleartops (12AU7 spots) and a single Telefunken ECC82 smooth plate diamond mark (center 12AU7 spot) ..... for my Rogue Audio Cronus.  Fantastic tubes making beautiful music.  Life is good !
Hi, anyone familiar with 6N1 and 6P15 tubes? I bought an  inexpensive hybrid amp for a small system and would like to try different tubes. Being a tube preamp stage only, I'm not expecting alot of change, but thought I'd ask.

If you're familiar with these tubes I'd appreciate your input. I'm emailing some of the guys already mentioned in the post, fwiw.

Thanks in advance 

That ebay error has done 10,000 transaction and has a 100% rating. That's impeccable!