Where do you guys buy tubes?

Where is the place that you guys TURST to buy your tubes?

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Thank you guys.


Just got off the phone with Kalvin at ARC regarding KT120 or 6550.  I will do 6550 because transformer will run hotter with KT120 and will shorten life of transformers.  So I only need one matched pair of 6550.
Thank you everyone for your input.  Do you guys ever deal with this vender on eBay.
I asked because they have 100% positive feedback over 9,000 items.

ghosthouse, I will have to call ARC today to find out if my VS60 can do KT120, if not then I will have to get 6550we Sovtek.  


WOW!!!! Andy from Vintage Tube Services is a super super nice person.  Helped answering all my questions even he don't carry the tube that I am looking for.  If I am looking for NOS in the future, this is the place I will do business with.  Two thumbs up for Andy at Vintage Tube Services.


Thank you very much everyone for your input.  I am sure this info will not only benefit me but will be benefit to many other that looking for a place to purchase their tubes in the future.