Where do you go to from Nottingham Analogue ?

Not that I have any intention of doing it in the foreseeable future, simply interested in what some others have done. I understand that the likes of Walker or Rockport should do, just something more modest please.
AJ Conti's Basis tables have always impressed me as nice high end tables at more reasonable prices than Walker or Rockport.

Galibier Design and Redpoint Audio also makes some very nice turntables.
I see. Did you compare any of them to Nottinghams that are higher in line, like Dias or Anna Log ?
You don't state which model you have so if you like the NA sound you can move up the model chain. What accessories do you have? Sonic quality is improved with the wave mechanic. Another option would be to upgrade your cartridge. I have a NA Spacedeck. IMHO you could spend more money and get a different turntable but how much better the sound be? It may not be better at all just different. Nottingham Turntables are so well built and designed. I bought mine from a gentleman that upgraded to a VPI classic. When I last spoke with him he said he missed his Spacedeck.
Yes yes, I have Spacedeck/Spacearm too. My question was what do you upgrade to from Dias and Anna Log models. Nottingham also has a $30k something model, but I didn't think about it.
The thread is about turntables, not tonearms and cartridges, let's stick to it.
Spacedeck has a special musicality to it that VPI doesn't.
It's hard to ignore the arm with your question because my Spacedeck/Spacearm ownership was ruined because of their arm. I found the arm wiring poor quality and it was so thin that even some very well respected dealers/repair shops wouldn't touch it for a minor repair. Perhaps if I had a different arm I would have kept it longer. 
For its price the table sounded good, looked great and I admit there is something cool about having to manually push the platter with my finger to get it spinning. But the hassles with the arm and lack of repeatable VTA adjustment are downsides. It didn't come close to the sound and performance that I've enjoyed for years with a VPI TNT6HR that replaced it. 
Also note that Tom Fletcher the brains and heart of Nottingham has passed on, and I believe his main protege is running the Pear Audio brand now. Don't know if Nottingham is even in business. Cheers,
+1 for the TW Acustic as an addition to your list. If the lower cost Kronos makes the budget, that might be another one. Their initial model really impressed me! Cheers,
I never heard before the complaint about Nottingham arm wiring, except that installing the cartridge does require skill and very steady hand, yes, very thin wires. If I could I would have it rewired with Purist Audio wire, but I believe the wiring is quite good as it is. This arm won't work well with heavy low complience cartridges, sure.
But let's return to the tables. TW ? German battery powered ?
Yes, dead quiet, takes multiple arms, sounds great. Know a couple of very happy owners who are plenty hard to please. Give a listen if you get a chance. Cheers,
I keep hearing about TW turntables. What is its sonic signature? Weak points? Could someone with real experience elaborate in an objective manner? Some special traits compared to other tables in the same league, besides being very quiet? I could listen to it easily in New York City, but that would be premature for me - I might like it too much.
As an example, Nottingham Spacedeck's most obvious trait is its intense musicality, it engages you right away. It is pretty quiet and quite dynamic, sounds big with authority for a modest table. On the warm side of neutral. Currently using it with Goldring 1042 MM which appears to be an excellent match, this certainly can be improved. Resolution is adequate for me but could be taken farther with, say, Lyra Delos cartridge. This is not a neutral table in a 'clinical ' sense, you know it's there, it's not a 'cold device' that has to mechanically perform its function and that's all, it is an active contributor. Overall, there is nothing it annoys me with, except being very sensitive to wall current. Now that I plugged it in PS Audio Power Plant Premier, the system's sound is much improved. Still, could use motor controller, I guess.
Check out the Pear Audio Blue line of turntables.  They are the final realization of Tom Fletcher's amazing turntable designs and IMO Provide an excellent step-up from any Nottingham Analogue deck.

*Disclaimer* I am a Pear Audio Blue dealer
Inna....I suspect that if VPI has no musicality for you, there is something wrong with your setup...arm, cart, etc.  I'm not knocking Nott...  their higher priced tables are good.
I heard 2 Brinkmann setups last year. Bardo, and Spyder. Tonearm was the excellent Reed arm, the 9" version. May have been Pernamboco. The Spyder engaged me quite a bit. They really do that jet black background thing. Of course, the Spyder itself runs buco bucks. I don't know if Brinkmann is exactly what I'm looking for, but the Spyder did engage me. I came away from the session a fan of the Reed arms though. As Spencer mentioned, I bet that baby Kronos is really good. I think it's 15K without the arm, around 20K with. That's going on memory though. Another nice option at a lower price, would be the Well Tempered GTA. That I can vouch for. Mine isn't going anywhere.... That's unless I find something that does enough things better. And still, it may stay just because it's so enjoyable. Much in the same way Inna describes his fondness for the Nott. Maybe not the last word in resolution, bass slam, or whatever else. But oh so analog sounding.
Pear Audio Analogue looks impressive. $10k for top of the line table and arm. You can listen to some music on their website, I thought that the table and amps outclassed those speakers. Anyway, Michael Fremer said : " that midrange was something special, with black backgrounds and tape -like musical flow and drive." Tape -like flow and drive? If he is right, probably is, I'll take that table...a little later. The price appears to be very reasonable, current Nottingham Spacedeck/Spacearm is $4.5k. I bet that would be quite an upgrade for me.
Audiodistinction, what cartridge did they use for the demonstration?

Thanks.  We like it too.

We usually demo the Pear Audio Blue Kid Thomas using the Ortofon Cadenza Black cartridge, running through either a custom GamuT SUT or Ortofon's ST-80SE SUT and Pear Audio's own Reference Preamp with integrated phono section.
Audiodistinction, thank you.