where do you bye your LPs

where do you bye your LPs, may sound like a stupid question but when i look under google i get a record store has the lp i want but only in cd format. Thanks for the heads up.
Can't help you on LP's ,I am not into vinyl but noticed you spelling mistake.It is buy and not"bye".Put "vinyl" in the search box instead.
I get some of my vinyl from used record stores when I'm visit larger cities, I have gotten a number of nice used records from the audio dealer that I buy most of my stereo equipment from, I have gotten a few from e-bay though I hate the auction scene, and I buy new ones very selectively from music direct or other such companies. I prefer used as they are much cheaper and one of the biggest reasons that I listen to vinyl is to get records that are not on disk. I do have a RCM which is great in turning dirty records into pristine.
Used to buy almost all my records at used record stores, Princeton record exchange in NJ (when I used to live there) The Record Archive in Rochester NY. Where I live now is not too convenient to any stores and I buy almost all records online. Used or new on Ebay. Also check out Music Direct out of Chicago.

What type of music do you listen to? There are a few record stores I shop at but it is mostly for Experimental electronic,jazz maybe a little reggae. Anyhow check out www.forcedexposure.com They have a very nice selection of stuff....mostly non-commercial stuff.
Here's a start, links provided below.

I also suggest using Google for the exact title with "LP" following the name and see what turns up.

There's also Ebay, search LP only and even restrict to speed, size and type of music if you wish.

If you don't find what you want, add the title to your "search" and you get auto notify (email) when that LP comes up in action or Ebay store.


Right now I have six new LP's leaning against the wall to play tomorrow night. That is a normal week. Believe me, there is a lot of vinyl out there.

Looking at Ebay, search for records:
169,725 items found in Records

Assuming 98% is stuff you don't want or like, a "starter" collection of 3,395 records remains.
www.forcedexposure.com excellent selection of electronic,jazz,experimental...etc. They also package extremely well when they mail out.
You can also try elusivedisc.com and acousticsounds.com. In addition to new records, Acoustic Sounds usually has a stock of around 20,000 used records. They are not cheap on used stuff, but it is correctly graded and guaranteed. Another excellent source for used vinyl is vinylrehab.com. He also grades well, prices are cheap, and there may be nothing that he doesn't have.
Yioryos thank you for correcting my spelling error . I find my self some what embarrassed but must put the blame on the several glasses of wine I had prior to loging in to AudiogoN.
wow what a great response! Thank you all.What I listen to now is jaz/blues. I have been on Ebay but I dont know the true value of each record so how do I tell when a fair price has been reached but not gone over what the record is worth.
acoustic sounds. nice people , good catalog .
Nice Links Albert.

Mr Capp, don't worry about the spelling. Everybody knew what you meant. Besides, the spelling nazi who corrected you also made a spelling mistake i.e. "noticed you spelling mistake." It should be your, not you. He also failed to put a space after the period at the end of a sentence and put a space before a comma when it should be after.

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Herman, wow, I think the guy was making a point about search engines as opposed to spelling errors but I could be wrong.
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The first weekend of Nov is the WFMU record fair. Plenty of stuff some fair prices.Usually held as 125W 18th St.(NYC of course) Fri, Sat & Sun. Go to WFMU.org for more info.
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