Where do you buy "NEW/Current" LPs?

I am thinking of breaking out my turntable again and was wondering if there are any places where one can buy current/new LPs? I know there are mail order LP shops but all of their LPs seem to be reissue. Giving that I don't like classical my choices are limited. I have a small LP collection of about 300 LPs but all of those are from the 80s and 90s. Can one buy anything new from today artist? Or is it time to sell the LPs and do digital 100% since that seems to be where all the new music is?

Please I don't want this to turn into LPs vs. CDs as which sound better. I am just looking for a source of current LPs from today's artist.

My music choices are Jazz (Traditional and Smooth), Blues, Gospel, R&B.

acoustic sounds for sure. get their catalog, they are great people and love vinyl.w
I live in Milwaukee and have at least 5 lp sources for used and new releases. I remain pleasantly surprised at the selection of NEW titles released. Weekly, releases of progressive rock come available. Also, some pop; occassionally jazz and reggae re-issues; a spattering of soundtracks. Check out this website: http://www.atomic-records.com/

As others have suggested, search the internet. And your local record shops.
I am from North Carolina. I do get a chance to visit many cities with work.
Hey thanks for all of these great sites. I'm feeling like I can now find some LPs that I want to listen to.

Thanks again everyone....