Where do you buy "NEW/Current" LPs?

I am thinking of breaking out my turntable again and was wondering if there are any places where one can buy current/new LPs? I know there are mail order LP shops but all of their LPs seem to be reissue. Giving that I don't like classical my choices are limited. I have a small LP collection of about 300 LPs but all of those are from the 80s and 90s. Can one buy anything new from today artist? Or is it time to sell the LPs and do digital 100% since that seems to be where all the new music is?

Please I don't want this to turn into LPs vs. CDs as which sound better. I am just looking for a source of current LPs from today's artist.

My music choices are Jazz (Traditional and Smooth), Blues, Gospel, R&B.

Try Music Direct, & Acoustic Sounds Inc. Go to Google and
type in the above and both places have extensive new LP's. Good luck.
Music Direct and Elusive Disc come to mind off the bat.
I buy most of my LPs from mail order shops like Elusive Disc and Music Direct. My local record store, the Princeton Record Exchange, will also always display maybe a dozen new LPs along with thousands of used discs. Aside from the mail order shops, availability will depend on your location. Do you live near a big city?
James mentioned 2 of the biggest sources above, the other one is Acoustic Sounds. Since you mention blues, I strongly recommend that you check them out. They champion blues recordings in very high fidelity, and also do the best sounding jazz reissues(Fantasy 45 Series) that I've heard.
Plenty of new artists in jazz and rock have releases on vinyl. Some such as Diana Krall and Norah Jones offer very good sonics on their vinyl. Stick with it! IMHO, it's worth dealing w/limited availability because the sound is worth the trouble. Cheers,
Jameswei--I was at Princeton Records a few weeks ago. Man has that place changed! CD's are overwhelming what was one of the best used LP shops around. Sad to see. However, one thing certainly hasn't changed--the owner is still a total #@$%#@#@.
Dodgealum, The Princeton Record Exchange is also devoting significant space to DVD movies. Makes me wonder if there is less used vinyl around for sale, or maybe they are just accepting less of it. (Maybe they have vinyl lying in piles in the back?) I should ask on my next visit.
acoustic sounds for sure. get their catalog, they are great people and love vinyl.w
www.vinylmatters.com David is great to deal with.

I have had good luck going directly to the record companies:
www.sundazed.com Great reissues.

Don't forget about www.gemm.com

Happy Hunting,
www.bluestormmusic.com is worth checking out. Not a terribly deep selection, but everything they have is very reasonably priced.
I live in Milwaukee and have at least 5 lp sources for used and new releases. I remain pleasantly surprised at the selection of NEW titles released. Weekly, releases of progressive rock come available. Also, some pop; occassionally jazz and reggae re-issues; a spattering of soundtracks. Check out this website: http://www.atomic-records.com/

As others have suggested, search the internet. And your local record shops.
Here are a few I shop at, dont forget Ebay too.












Where do you live?
I am from North Carolina. I do get a chance to visit many cities with work.
Hey thanks for all of these great sites. I'm feeling like I can now find some LPs that I want to listen to.

Thanks again everyone....
As well as the online outlets like Music Direct, Acoustic Sounds, Elusive Disc and Red Trumpet I have also used the following Ebay stores:

Good Vibrations Records
Emerald City Audiophile

There are lots of stores on Ebay and some of them have a huge selection of the more obscure or imported records. A lot of new releases are never picked up by the "gang of four" above so Ebay is always another place to look. I'm from the UK and for new UK music on vinyl, Ebay is the best (save going to England).

Cheers, Nick.
Ameoba Records in Hollywood. They have a pretty good selection of new and current Vinyl. I buy on Ebay too only if it is sealed for hard to find OOP. I will take a chance on an open record but I check feedback for stuff like "record as described" or "Record in great shape" and stuff like that.
A few more:

www.diversevinyl.com. Since you're not a resident of the EU you're exempt from the UK's 17 1/2% VAT, so you get a 17 1/2% discount on DV's prices. DV also ship very quickly.


Amazon UK has a lot of current vinyl; ordering from them is as easy as ordering from Amazon USA.
Please DO NOT purchase from "Red Trumpet" -- www.redtrumpet.com. They filed for bankruptcy in October or November. Despite this unfortunate situation, their website is still operational and accepting credit cards, the last time I checked (a week or so ago).

In recent weeks, I have had a few poor vinyl purchasing experiences. The most reliable has been www.acousticsounds.com (Acoustic Sounds)...they are the best for day in, day out purchasing (that I have found).

Good luck!
When I am looking for heavy metal vinyl that is not being sold in the USA I go on the web and find stores in Europe. I purchased Rammstein: Mutter from a store in Norway and Therion: Secret of the Runes from a store in Germany. The prices were comparable to similar albums in the USA. The LPs arrived quickly and in great condition.