Where do I start-amp or speakers ?

While in the midst of downsizing I sold all my gear: Krell monos, Thiel CS6’s, Thiel 2.4’s, EAD Powermaster 2000, Thiel MCS1, etc.
I am now left with a headphone system based on the entry level Schitt headphone amp, Freya preamp,& a very nice Vinyl NIrvana Thorens 125 turntable,
So how’s that working out for you, you ask? Not so well. I need speakers & amp!
 I went from 2900 sq ft. To 1600 sq ft; a 25x24 room to an 18 x 16 room (high 20-24 ft cathedral ceiling, though, at least.)
I’m now on the way to build a new system , one component at a time; Ceiling is 4K per unit. Every time I see a nice amp, then I see a fine pair of speakers. Back and forth. Do I start with an amp or with speakers? Input, input........
There are far more differences between speakers than amplifiers in terms of the impact they have on the total system’s sound. You must start with the speakers and then match the speakers up with a properly chosen amplifier. Listen to as many speakers as possible to find out the ones you really love. Do you like the sound of single driver speakers? Horn speakers?Electrostatic speakers? Two way speakers? Four way speakers with multiple drivers? You get the point.   Your findings will definitely point you to a certain group of amplifiers very quickly.  And actually most speakers are quite happy with the whole slew of different amps.   You can work on the amp next.  

Objectively and (I'd gamble the consensus would agree) subjectively speakers, vary in more ways and by greater degrees than any other component. Perhaps more so than all other components combined.  Speakers vary more with different listening positions than any other component, Perhaps more so than all other components combined. Speakers vary with rooms more so than any other component. Perhaps more so than all other than all other components combined, save perhaps for vinyl rigs. Speakers are more colored than any other component, one best make sure that those colorizations line up in such a manner that precludes highlighting specific listeners particular irritants, coincides within the specific listener's room, at the  specific listener's listening positions.

 In order: budget, room, listening positions, speakers, amps, etc..

Absolutely speakers first.  You'll tie your hands behind your back if you buy the amp first. 
You'll tie your hands behind your back if you buy the amp first.
Well, if you get a big Sound Lab, there really aren't a lot of amps that drive that speaker all that well. But it is at the same time one of the most transparent and full range speakers made. If you happen to hear a set that is correctly set up and buy them as a result, to best serve that purchase you have to deal with the limited number of amps that play it right.

Its 30 ohms in the bass; for a solid state amp to keep up with a 200 watt tube amp you need about 800 watts. And it will be too bright...

So in this case, is the speaker the first thing to get or not? It might be if transparency and realism is at the top of your list, and you don't care what it takes to get there!

So its probable that the correct answer isn't something boiled down to black and white!
It does not matter what you start with as long as the two are well matched in the end.

However, practically I would start first with speakers that will integrate into the room properly since one often has little control over room acoustics compared to all the rest.

Some will levitate to tube or SS amp first and go from there. Its all good. Just do it right for the right reasons! Or just have at it, don’t sweat the tech details and have fun along the way.