Where do I set loading on my Manley Chinook?

I’m a bit confused as to where I should set my Manley Chinook phono preamp.

My Dynavector 20XH cartridge has the following specifications:

DC resistance: 150 ohms / 5 ohms
Recommended load resistance: > 1Kohms / > 30 ohms

I think the Chinook has 3 separate sets of loading. One for DC resistance, and two (left and right for load resistance).

The first set indicate "Cart Cap" with settings of 50 pF, 100 pF, 200 pF.

The second set indicate "Resistor" with settings of 50 ohms through 800 ohms.

I currently have it set at Cart Cap = 50 pF, and Resistor = 26 ohm (resultant load).

Internal gain is set at 60dB. 

I certainly can play around with these but given the settings are in the back of the unit it requires good aural memory, time, and patience.

If I were to do this by ’the book’, where should I set these?
Okay, I made a change. 

I kept no. 1/Cart Cap at 50pF
I moved no. 2/Resistor to 159 ohms, because the Dynavector site says the 20XH DC Resistance is "150 ohms". 

It sounds more lush, yet I've been confused before.  

Does this seem right? 
I have a Manley Chinook SE and use an Ortofon Cadenza Black LOMC and have my resistance setting at 100 ohm.  I took into account the tonearm wire resistance when choosing 100 ohm.  I suggest you maybe reach out to Manley CS for assistance.  This can be confusing at times.
Read the manual CLOSELY. They suggest subtracting cable capacitance, calculated base on cable length from the recommended cartridge loading and setting the R dip switches accordingly. Not the clearest manual ever written! Cheers,
Thank you miner42!  I think that'll email them. I think that I followed the manual and specs and did my best. 

sbank, I read that manual over and over.  It doesn't really address bank 1 of switches--well, kind of.  terribly written is the manual, in some ways. 
The manufacturer suggested a range for a nominal system taking into account variations in cable impedance/capacitance. I would play within the range suggested and see if you have a sonic preference. If not, in the long run, I have always found, in my system, that increasing the load on a cartridge (meaning lower Ohm settings) is again, in the long run, what I have found I usually return to. Be confident that you can hear your preference. Remember there is no harm that can be done by choosing a "wrong" setting.

I had a Chinook (traded up to a Steelhead) and found the load settings to be easy to set.
After much trial and error, I'm back to 50pf and 47kohms.  Sounds the best.  Manley could do a better job with manual. 
The manual won't state what sounds best to your ears.