where do I put my v-dac?

Just bought a Music Fidelity V-Dac. I have two transports: 1) a Pioneer CLD 703 laser disk player, and 2) a panasonic BD65 blu-ray player. I listen to both LDs and Blu-rays, so I can't make the choice based on that. Really, I bought the V-Dac because I wanted to get the best possible platform (within my budget) for listening to *CDs* (I have 500-1000).

I listen 100% two channel: an NAD monitor series model 7100 receiver going into a pair of Klipsch heresies (not worth going into here, but my vinyl setup is pretty nice, which is why I felt the need to do something to improve my CD sound).

The LD player was a pretty high end player for its time. The transport is built like a tank. It also has a CD button, which optimizes playback for CDs. It is still in great shape, recently serviced. Actually, the DAC on it was pretty highly regarded in its day (15 years ago, though).

The blu-ray is pretty much the opposite in every way. Flimsy plastic tray, BOTL player (not bad, though). Its DAC, of course, is completely modern.

Not sure, but I suspect that the transport is better on the LD player, and the DAC is better on the blu-ray. But if there is not going to be a big difference, I guess I am leaning toward hooking the V-DAC to the blu-ray.

I'll do some AB testing, but the time it takes to futz with the connections will make it hard to judge.
If the BL DAC seems fine, then run the LD player through the V-DAC. Done. Otherwise, do the obvious and compare/contrast the two. It can't take *that* long.
hi, i would put the vdac with the cd player i intend to use the most . if the players both have optical then this would give you some more flexibility possibly.
Thanks. Both sounded pretty good. I went with the DVD player, using the optical out. Less wear and tear on the LD, which would be more trouble to replace, if I don't use it for CDs.