Where do I go next?

Ending my 20yr affair with Spectral gear. Considering all Pass electronics. Wanted CAT tubes back in the day but was out of my financial reach then. Now I am wide open. Any suggestions? I did attend Axpona this year ; The CAT/ Martin system was MY best of show. Thanks in advance guys and (Gals, If they're out there!)
I have Pass 350.8 amp wonderful sounding.
Ending an affair can be traumatizing for both parties, but you can do it! At least there's no more sneaking around...My experience personally with Pass designs is limited to some Adcom and Forte' items from a while back, and they sounded fabulous at the time. I have noticed that with his handmade First Watt amps as well as the Pass Labs designs there is no lack of interesting no nonsense info regarding what he does to improve or change things, and that's very refreshing these days. Plus, Pass amps have meters…I like meters…I'm a tube amp freak but if I had more efficient speakers I'd buy a First Watt amp immediately (no meters, but I'd get over that).
Thanks Guys, I still have my Forte model 40 pre w/phono and model 7 monos. My Avalons like the Spectral 360s. Am thinking I would want to stay in the 300w / ch
My suggestion is go all tubes. No Pass, Rowland etc. Tubes. Lamm hybrid power amp might do as well. CAT, VAC, Lamm, yeah. 
inna, your tempting me. The CAT gear held me for (2) hrs before I thought I should give someone else a chance in packed room
I suppose that I will date a lot before I fall in Love again, Think that it will be better ; Second Time Around!!
Nkonor, I think you want tubes. Now, I don't know how that would sound with your Avalons. And with certain financial freedom you could experiment with any NOS tubes you can find.
Don't give anyone else a chance when it comes to this !
I too think the Marten speakers are fantastic. I heard them at the 2015 Newport Show, hooked up to EAR-Yoshino tube amps. Before you get new amps, maybe you can compare your Avalons to the Martens.
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mdp632; I currently have Spectral with ALL required ancillary. (20yr) affair! Getting a divorce!!! What Spectral are you considering ?
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Mdp632 Choose Carefully. 
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mdp632 - Further communication about this subject; I would prefer to do Off Forum. Private email or by phone 
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