Where do I go from here ???

Looking for some sound advice. I've upgraded my amp and speakers. What next the cdp or the preamp? All thoughts would be greatly appreciated too!!

Maggie 3.6's
Spectron Musician II
Adcom GFP-750
Adcom GCD-750
Rega P-25 w/Lyra Helikon cart
1) Address Power Condition (PS Audio Powerplant,Etc)
2) Accoustic control for the room
3) CDP
4) cabling

Do you run your Adcom in Passive or Active mode?
Thanks Cytocycle for the response. I run the Adcom in Active mode. I also have a Ace 515 that I run everything through. I use Stealth CWS cables from my amp to the pre and from the CDP to the pre. I have rather large listening room (24 X 28 ). What do you think? I also have a Sunfire Architectural Sub that I run a Synergistic Kaliedescope cable on to the pre also......
Good to see someone else grooving with the Sunfire Architectural Sub. Dontcha love it? Don't hear about it enough on the 'gon. Pre or CDP? I'd go with the cdp. Read my review about the Audio Aero Prima. I know, I know, I've talked about this adnauseam, but it's fabulous. Will go tete a tete with players 2x the price and hold its' own. I love mine. The tubes make it pretty toasty for digital. Drop me a line if you want to know where you can purchase the Prima at a great price. Of course your pre and power conditioning are places to go. When you're ($$)ready. I'm an Audio Magic guy, but there are, certainly other conditioners out there that may do it for you. Very system dependent. peace, warren
I agree with those that say to upgrade the power conditioner. I also agree with Warrenh, on the Audio Magic. However, I would upgrade the preamp ahead of the cd player. I also have the Helikon cartridge (and love it), and I don't do much 'serious' listening in the digital domain anymore. I still use my cd player, when I'm listening to music while preoccupied or just plain lazy, but that's only about 20% of my music listening these days. I would recommend trying a tubed preamp like the Audible Illusions M3A.

First, are you using Remote Sensing speaker cables with your MII? They'll make a much larger improvement then a plastic box with magic gem stones.
Warrenh the Architectural is a bad boy with out a doubt. I agree you don't hear much around here on them. I'll check out your review too. John I'm a lot like you in the respect of vinyl. The Helikon is marvelous and I love mine too. A tube pre is a major step in a different direction. Kana813 I'm not using remote sensing cables. I'm using MIT 2's. The Musician is a very very nice amp. I read in the manual about Remote Sense. It states that this is activated by using a 4 contact connector made by Nuetrik called the Speakon. Are you using this setup? I thank all of you for your input. What a great site and members too!! Thanks again...........