Where do I go from here ?

So I am currently enjoying vinyl bliss from a Rega P3/RB-300 with a Shelter 501 cart..No issues with that.. However, I am looking into the future as to what is in store for me from where I am right now with the Rega. I don't want to spend money in mods and upgrades to the Rega rig - I am quite clear on that. I would rather invest in a complete system that is superior right out of the box. What options are out there for me with a $1000-$2000 budget ? I am also open to TOTL tables from the 80s that would be a step up from the Rega P3. I surely want on-the-fly VTA adjustments in my next rig..

Just seeking some advice from my experienced brethren here who have been down this path, so I can start building a "nest egg" so to speak, for a future upgrade..
Invest in a couple of large maple boards and 4 Machina Dynamica Promethean Springs. Make a sandwich under Rega. Get 4 Herbies isocups to go between the Rega and top board. Get a pillow to catch your jaw
How about upgrading your phono preamp? I can certainly attest to the fact that your analog system is only as good as your phono preamp will allow it to be.

Good Luck!
Your present TT-arm-cartridge retails for more then the $1000-$2000 you have budgeted for a complete new front end.Can you realistically expect an upgrade by spending substantially less.The advise already given is right on.Use the other posters suggestions
buy vinyl

I am excluding the cartridge - I am looking for a TT and arm upgrade only. What should I go looking for if and when I do want to upgrade my existing Rega P3/RB-300 combo..

Kurt_tank :

Using a Moon LP5.3 right now..which is a fabulous phono stage..And I am totally with you on your observation..

Where are the VPI guys ?
Here are the VPI guy(s)! Love my Scout/SDS/Dynavector/Sutherland combo and I know I haven't even started to see what this bad boy can do (adding isolation, new cartridge, etc)!
Tablaloops what I am trying to say is that you have a good basic front end.Your pre,power and speakers also must enter into any future upgrade.You can spend BIG BUCKS on a TT and arm and not be able to achieve their full potential do to your cartridge or the rest of your systems limitations.
Be certain that a good sounding VPI table and arm will put you well over your budget.No one can say what you should look at when you decide to upgrade.We all have different tastes.
But if your budget is about $1500 try tweeking your system first,you may be surprised
If you like the Rega sound there seem to be quite a few P25's on here lately at great prices. You could pick one up for between $500-1000 and have a great analog system and some money left over for records. Or you could pick up a VPI Scout, new or used it fits your budget. The best thing to really do is to really take some time and think about this so you make one purchase to last a while. And don't forget to have some fun doing it!

Alnolan : Point well taken. This is exactly why I started this thread to see what other 'gon members have to say. As I said, I'm not looking for an upgrade right away. But just preparing myself when upgraditis hits..
Tablaloops,Upgraditis can strike at any time.One day you are fine and the next day UH-oh.Being you are thinking about it shows symptoms
Good luck in your decision
You have a ton of room remaining to improve your phono preamplifier.

Spending a couple grand on a new table/tonearm and standing pat on the phono stage doesn't make much sense IMO.