where do i go from here?

i have a denon 3802, and a conrad johnson amp (100w)i use from the pre outs, pair of paradigm 9mk11, paradigm ps1000 sub. i am looking for bigger sound stage and more brilliant sound. what is my next move? i use the denon on direct using the satalite as a music source and i doubt that will change. i listen to alot of 2 channel. i have no prob with the 5 channel theater. do i hook the cj dir. to the dish with a volume control? new speakers or separates? any help would be wonderful thanks bryon, i am a member
I don't know what cables you're using and how much you're willing to pay, but I'd start with a new processor. The Arcam AVR100 stomps the Denon, IMO. You could get one for around $500 used. If you want Pro Logic II, get the AVR200 for around $750. You'll definitely hear things with the Arcam that you're missing with the Denon. The Denon always sounded a little light and tinny to my ears.

Next, get a pair of Kimber Heros for under $100 for your mains. They would expand your soundstage, and give you a more dynamic, open sound.

Good luck.
Bryon84, I would only add that from the Arcam to the Kimber Heros recommendations, I would agree with Friz1313.
Happy Listening!
i got a pair of good cables (i dont know who makes them) from a paradigm dealer, to go btween the cj and the denon. as far as between the amp to the speakers is a 10 or 8 gage wire. i wouldnt mind selling the denon. spending 500- 1000 on a new processor, but then i would have to buy a surround and front amp i would like dd, dlbpro11 also a room calibrator. is the denon still tinting the music even though i have it on direct(vs stereo)and using the cj as the main amp? thank you for your response friz. sincerly bryon
I would also consider a decent DAC if you're really wanting to stick with the SAT as your main source.
what are the kimber heros? i am new at high end, sorry for my ignorance. is the arcam a avr? where would i go to check out all arcam products? who makes the cleanest avr? thanks for the. budget 1-2k. speakers good? response bryon
Bryon, 1st to answer your question, if you're using the pre outs from the Denon to the CJ amp, yes it's tinting the music. You can still use the CJ to drive your Paradigm fronts, and use the Arcam for the center\surrounds if you want surround sound. I wouldn't worry about changing out the CJ right now, it's not the weak link.

Yes the Arcam is an AVR. Here's a link to their website: www.arcam.co.uk. And here's a review from HomeTheaterSound: www.hometheatersound.com/equipment/arcam_avr200.htm

Here's a link to Kimber Kable, www.kimber.com., who makes the Heros. They are interconnects to go between your Arcam and CJ. Go to Avguide.com, then accessories, then interconnects. Find Kimber Hero and you can download a shootout review they did between 13 interconnects ranging in value from $122 to $250, with the Hero being the best value at $150 ($160 now) and the best overrall regardless of price. They used to charge $3.00 to download them, but they're now free.

Lastly I'd look at changing your speaker cables. But I'd change my receiver and interconnects 1st. Then, when you have the money look at Kimber 8TCs. You can get them for around $200-250 for an 8 foot pair. There's a review of them on AVGuide as well.
Four years ago, I had a Denon 3801 and a separate Amp driving my speakers. Never was happy, until I switch out the Denon with a separate pre/pro outlaw 950. It was night and day, the outlaw maynot look as nice as the Denon, but musically, it made a huge difference in the sound stage, clarity, etc. And all I had at that time was using some cheap Radio Shack cables. Check out the new outlaw, or you can get a cheap used 950 for about $450 now.