Where do I go from here?

I had been "out" of audio for some 25 years...checked e-bay for a receiver about two years ago, and was again bitten by THE BUG. Now listening to a system comprised of AI line stage pre-amp, Pass Aleph 3, Sony SACD 777ES, Magnum Etude, BMW 804 Matrix, DH Silver cables. Ready to upgrade...and I think the speakers are the most likely candidate for upgrading. We are moving into a new house with a large volume room and I would like to keep the 30 wpc Pass. I would be very interested in suggestions for replacement speakers. I listen to classic (orchestral, chamber, etc) 90% of the time. Please comment...thanks
For your music taste, and with your electronics i think you would be happy with Living Voice speakers?! I do not know your price range, but they are from $2,600 to $6000 range!
You may want to research the Avantegarde Uno's. A beatiful speaker that is extremely efficient needing very little wattage to drive them.
Reference 3A DE Capo
very effecient, not the prettiest speaker in the world but I think you would be pleased with your music on them
$2500 new
$1500 used
Agree w/ previous suggestions, though the AvantGarde are large and the sound is not for everyone...you might end up not liking the components.
The Triangle line are relatively efficient and great on classical. They have a few floorstanders under $2500.
PS be careful this bug can ruin your finances!
Check the recent thread titled, "Looking for speaker to match with pass lab aleph3."