Where do I go from Eva Cassidy?

Try to understand where I’m coming from and please bear with my eclectic taste.

With fleeting exceptions, I listen exclusively to Classical music (professional musician and Classical junkie). I’ve heard all the popular song styles, but nothing really appeals to me (no offense, please). My wife asked for an “Eva Cassidy” (who is she?) album for Christmas. So, I bought her ”Song Bird” and we both loved it! Listening to Eva Cassidy was a transforming experience for me. Beauty, Subtlety, Freshness, Artistry, Poetry, an Essential Spirituality and somehow she makes the unbearable in life suddenly seem--bearable. Everything else (non-Classical) just seemed like meer entertainment (no thanks). Here was a transporting poetic and spiritual experience. Now, I play her all her albums over and over and over…. Eventually, I might also listen to something else (non-Classical)?

But, where to go from here? As fussy and unsatisfied as I am with standard styles of music (again, no offense…), is there any non-Eva suggestion for a special artistic/spiritual experience?—maybe suggested from an Eva Cassidy fanatic who might understand what I mean. (Not contemporary Christian style—I record in that industry—and…well, pass). Something incredibly special, personal, transcending. I tried Diana Krall who sings very well—but, not interested—not on the same creative level, too much in a standard style, sings in a sexy vein (which I liked was not Eva’s intention in my perspective) and not really from a spiritual place. My wife’s Enya CD’s are an improvement.

Where to go from Eva Cassidy…?

I really enjoy listening to Folk singer, song writer, musician, Kate Wolf. She too died at an early age. Her music is, to me, pure, moving and from the heart. Her song lyrics are excellent and her voice is wonderful. The two CD sets of "Give yourself to Love" and "Gold in California" are definately worth a listen.
As a longstanding fan of Eva Cassidy I've been recently impressed with Carrie Newcomer(The Gathering of Spirits,The Age of Possibility),Lucy Kaplansky(The Red Thread),Mary Chapin Carpenter(Between Here and Gone)...There is oodles of brilliant music out there in the genre of Eva Cassidy.
Happy listening.
For something a little different but interesting try Rickie Lee Jones Pop Pop. You can do a search and find the CD used on Half.com and I think there are some sites that allow you to hear a few tracks so listen first.

Happy Listening.
For something a little more updated try MIndy Smith. Especially "One Moment More" a song about her mothers passing.
Have you heard Eva Cassidy's live album? If you like that then I recommend checking out Dee Dee Bridgewater's live album "Live at Yoshi's". The studio releases sound dull by comparison - nothing like a live recording to show how these artist's entertain. And boy can they belt out the tunes and make the air sizzle when they want to.