Where do I go from Eva Cassidy?

Try to understand where I’m coming from and please bear with my eclectic taste.

With fleeting exceptions, I listen exclusively to Classical music (professional musician and Classical junkie). I’ve heard all the popular song styles, but nothing really appeals to me (no offense, please). My wife asked for an “Eva Cassidy” (who is she?) album for Christmas. So, I bought her ”Song Bird” and we both loved it! Listening to Eva Cassidy was a transforming experience for me. Beauty, Subtlety, Freshness, Artistry, Poetry, an Essential Spirituality and somehow she makes the unbearable in life suddenly seem--bearable. Everything else (non-Classical) just seemed like meer entertainment (no thanks). Here was a transporting poetic and spiritual experience. Now, I play her all her albums over and over and over…. Eventually, I might also listen to something else (non-Classical)?

But, where to go from here? As fussy and unsatisfied as I am with standard styles of music (again, no offense…), is there any non-Eva suggestion for a special artistic/spiritual experience?—maybe suggested from an Eva Cassidy fanatic who might understand what I mean. (Not contemporary Christian style—I record in that industry—and…well, pass). Something incredibly special, personal, transcending. I tried Diana Krall who sings very well—but, not interested—not on the same creative level, too much in a standard style, sings in a sexy vein (which I liked was not Eva’s intention in my perspective) and not really from a spiritual place. My wife’s Enya CD’s are an improvement.

Where to go from Eva Cassidy…?

Well I have some suggestions - in many genres. In the pop/folk field (which is what Eva was stylisticly) try Sandy Denny; a British folk singer from the 60's and 70's, who like Eva died at an early age, there are several compilations of her work out there. Early Joni Mitchel, say the album Blue or Court and Spark; early Judy Collins - there's several greatest hits collections of hers available; for blues/jazz singers try Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, early Aretha Franklin, Sara Vaughn and Ella Fitzgerald. Try Patsy Cline for country. There are simply too many good albums by most of these people to mention specific titles and granted there is not much that is contemporary that I have mentioned but this should get you started.
I really enjoy listening to Folk singer, song writer, musician, Kate Wolf. She too died at an early age. Her music is, to me, pure, moving and from the heart. Her song lyrics are excellent and her voice is wonderful. The two CD sets of "Give yourself to Love" and "Gold in California" are definately worth a listen.
As a longstanding fan of Eva Cassidy I've been recently impressed with Carrie Newcomer(The Gathering of Spirits,The Age of Possibility),Lucy Kaplansky(The Red Thread),Mary Chapin Carpenter(Between Here and Gone)...There is oodles of brilliant music out there in the genre of Eva Cassidy.
Happy listening.
For something a little different but interesting try Rickie Lee Jones Pop Pop. You can do a search and find the CD used on Half.com and I think there are some sites that allow you to hear a few tracks so listen first.

Happy Listening.
For something a little more updated try MIndy Smith. Especially "One Moment More" a song about her mothers passing.
Have you heard Eva Cassidy's live album? If you like that then I recommend checking out Dee Dee Bridgewater's live album "Live at Yoshi's". The studio releases sound dull by comparison - nothing like a live recording to show how these artist's entertain. And boy can they belt out the tunes and make the air sizzle when they want to.

evie sands,sandi shaw,bebel gilberto,tanita tikaram.....the best of the best....
One of the few new jazz singers that I have been very impressed by is Rene' Marie - she has a great voice and sings in an upbeat style. Give a listen to her album, Live at Jazz Standard on MaxJazz. She ain't Cassidy, she isn't plowing new ground or necessarily inspiring, but she is a great new singer. Nobody I know of reaches out and pulls you into her music as well as Eva, thats what made her unique (IMHO).
Well stated Newbee. Eva's voice just penetrates right to the heart. Two other female vocalists with remarkable, albeit different, vocal talents, who also sing standards: Virtually anything by Jacinta is great. Holly Cole..."Temptation" and "Dark Dear Heart" are also quite beautiful.

I second Kate Wolf. Though recommend her 2 CD set
"Weaver Of Visions: The Kate Wolf Anthology". Over 2 1/2 hours covering almost every song she recorded. Has much newer and bettering digital mastering than her earlier CDs.

Another personal favorite is Katy Moffat's "Walking on the Moon"
i love Eva Cassidy.

I also love Sarah MacLachlan(spelling?). She falls under the soft rock genre. Her song, ANGEL, can bring a tear to the eye. some of her songs are more rock flavored but all sung with the same emotion and heart. she has probably a 1/2 dozen releases.

if you like Eva you may really like sarah too.

Try Linda Thompson, either her solo work or collaborations with former husband Richard, guitarist extraordinaire. Start with "Shoot Out the Lights" and "Hokey Pokey," then start exploring. You won't be sorry.
Kate & Anna McGarrigle (Heartbeats Accelerating, Dancer With Bruised Knees)
Sarah MacLachlan (Fumbling Towards Ecstacy)
Rickie Lee Jones (self titled LP, Pirates)
Lori Carson (Shelter)
Joni Mitchell (Ladies of the Canyon, Court & Spark, Miles of Aisles; they are all good!)

Cheers, Spencer
For purity of voice: Alison Krauss, and Iris Dement---both, in my opinion, slightly superior singers to Eva, who I think can't help but move listeners because of her tragic "back story". The two mentioned above, are, alas, still alive.
For music with something different, I would also try Julie Miller's My Blue Pony and Broken Things (a bit of a little girl's voice at times). Her husband, Buddy Miller, is a maker of good "country" music. I agree with Linda Thompson, Dreams Fly Away and Fashionably Late, as well as the work with her ex-husband Richard Thompson. Richard's live music, available from the Connection, is also real music. His electric guitar solos on "More Guitar" are some of the best I've ever heard on disk. His accoustic work on Celtschmertz is good too.
I would second Kate Wolf, Iris Dement, and others mentioned above. I might also add Catie Curtis and the Cowboy Junkies earlier albums and Lucinda Williams. I would also add "Live and Pickin" by Doc and Merle Watson as good music that will lighten your spirit.
Check out the beautiful and evocative voice of Mary Black with these albums, "Song for Ireland" and "Looking Back".
Try Susannah McCorkle, Shirley Horn and Sheila Jordan. Someone may have already mentioned Patricia Barber.

Jimmy Scott has a natural upper register voice of unusual character. Not castrati, but with masculine power in what would normally be a female range. Many are initially fooled by his unique voice.
A word of warning, live singers have higher WAF. Whenever I put on Eva Cassady or Kate Wolf mine moans and says "I hear dead people"!!
Swampwalker - Does she do that with Nick Drake too? Damn, I feel your pain! That's cold!


I would strongly recommend Loreena McKennitt. Try 'The Visit', 'The Mask And Mirror' or 'The Book Of Secrets'.

Marco- I'm not a Nick Drake fan, but she only tolerated my Warren Zevon tribute for a few weeks, before he joined the "dead people" list. Then there's Janis and Jimmy and Stan Rogers, and on and on. I have to admit it was pretty funny the first time, but then my teenager picked it up. I ended up buying headphones, which fueled a new round of upgradeitis and frenetic posting on head-fi.org!!! Now I've got 5 pairs of cans, 5 amps, a couple of energizers, etc. Sure fixed her wagon. Now I can't afford the Plasma TV she wants. Guess I showed her ;~). Anyone want to buy some high end phones?
I feel the same way about Alison Krauss. I find her voice beautiful and truly effortless when she sings. Try "A Collection" as a great place to start, or try "Forget About It".
Forgot another one, try Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now" too. A beautifully recorded album of amazing singing.
If you like Eva Cassidy why look else were ? She has many great disc's , and of the ten or so that I own not one was a bad purchase .
You might try ...Time after time...Somewhere...Live at blues alley... Wonderful world...Imagine...
If you like her wailings , you may also enjoy Holy Cole , start with , Volume One...or ...Shade...
Try Rebeca Pigeon - you can find her on Chesky. She has a penetrating voice. Another good one is Joan Baez - Diamond's and Rust.
Just saw there's a new Eva record, "Simply Eva." Another posthumous rehash, or worth getting?

Simply amazing, and what a waste of time, every referral of " "the best of the best," and all the others , is an insult to the God given talent and experience of Eva Cassidy.
Please this is becoming more and more difficult in reading posts on this site, an insult to the acumen of mankind !
A quick plug for her newly released "Simply Eva". Her rendition of "Who Knows Wher the Time Goes?" once sung by the wonderful Sandy Denney with Fairport Convention is a joy.
Eva Cassidy had a unique voice and style - I place her on her very own pedestal in my personal music gallery. Diana Krall is a gimmick - a decent piano player with an exceptional backing band who can carry a tune and sell a few albums with some flattering calves (BTW - I've quite had enough of the HDTracks ad, thank you very much).

Thankfully there are plenty of female vocalists who can stand on their own without having to be compared to Eva Cassidy. Dust off those pedestals.
Try Grace - she grows on you - and as many have said there is so much talent out there...
Try Kate bush.the most origional artist I can think of.if you stream netflix there is a very documentary covering her career.
Eva Cassidy is a unique combination of (A) the purity of tone and vocal technique of an R&B diva (think pre-crash Whitney Houston), the (B) song interpretation and phrasing of a Jazz singer (think Patrica Barber), and the (C) emotional sensibility of a chronically depressed singer songwriter (think Tori Amos).

To my knowledge there is no other female vocalist that combines these three qualities. Rachell Ferrell will give you (A) and (B) (try "First Instrument"). Anita Baker will give you (A) and a bit of (B) (try "Rhythm of love"). There are others that will give you two out of three (Joss Stone is a good suggestion, and you may want to give the aforementioned Tori Amos a listen).

A suggestion completely out of left field is Bjork's wildely original one off Jazz outing called "Gling Glo". This album beats Eva Cassidy in the only department she is not a groundbraker - musicalal innovation and orginality.