Where do I find spade connectors on line

I am looking for some good quality 3/8 wide spade connectors. Does anyone know where I can order some? I need to reterminate my cables to fit the Vandy 5 which will not accept 1/2 inch spades.


Try Michael Percy Audio at http://www.bainbridge.net/percyaudio/
Hi Sid. I've purchased a few Phoenix Gold RCA adapters and other accessories from Stephen at Quest for Sound, he may be able to help you out. He's a super nice guy, and one of the showcase dealers here on Audiogon. Good luck.
www.onecall.com carries audioquest and you can also purchase cardas @ www.audioadvisor.com both of wich are high quality from reputable companies.

Personally, I'd opt for the audioquest. Ive found them to be exceptional for the money.

Micahel Percy is a good place to get parts. The Cardas spades are wonderful. They also carry Vampire, AQ, and are reasonably priced. Jallen
Thank you all for the informative responses. I am going to check out each of the sites you mentioned.