Where do I find replacement CD jewel cases?

Does anyone know where to find replacement jewel cases, both for single and double CD's? (I'd rather not have to order 100 at a time, either.) Part of the hazard of always getting used CD's is that some of the cases are smashed. (I also had a CD rack accident that damaged a quite a few.)


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you can find smaller lots at bestbuy,c-city or any of the numerous office/computer "super outlets" comp usa,office max etc...
CompUSA was just running a special...I believe that it was 50 jewel cases for $14.99. I gotta go today and snag some for myself!
hey, have you noticed that ebay's prices for used disc's is steadily climbing.. you still have maries 1cent sales but there's some that start at $5.00+ and still want $2.50 + shipping charges
I just used CD cases of 48 to 300 CDs. Dealing with Jewels is not fun.

Walmart,Fred meyer, K-Mart,etc has jewel cases. Steve
I'm actually more interested in the 2-CD jewel cases than the single cases. I have at least 10 double-CD cases that are broken beyond repair, to the point where it's difficult to get at the disc in the back. Does anybody know where I can find those?

When I worked at used CD store, we used to carry some double-cd cases under the counter for store use. We would sell them to customers who asked for them, though.
Oh, that's an easy one. American Digital is at

P-did thanks for the fly info dog..... sorry I just couldn't resist- love the moniker!
Yo Puffy. I thought you were going by P Diddy these days.

As for jewell cases, no clue for double but Comp USA works for singles and E-Bay works for "MFSL/DCC" replacements. On the latter, if somone has already bid, don't bother, more will come up.
Radio Shack
www.sleevetown.com has all different types of jewel cases and other audio media storage at good prices.
There are probably TOO many sources. Given their general quality, I always thought "jewel case" was an oxymoron.