Where do audiophiles retire?

I'm curious if there are any places that jumpout as retirement havens for audiophiles with easy access to entertainment,shows and shops. New York makes sense if you can afford it and Denver sounds likely if you like the climate and RMAF is your thing. Thoughts?
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"Yes, because soundstage won't matter on headphones when you're "soaking in the view!"

Yes, and people downsize most everything else when they retire so why not the stereo system?

I suppose not doing so will be the ultimate test of just how hard core an audiophile we each still are when we retire.

Stare at beach? Listen to music? Probably both for me, but not necessarily concurrently.
I retire to my dedicated audio room about twice, thrice a week. I am retired and reside on 40 acres in southern Illinois adjacent to the Shawnee National Forrest. Hence the twice, thrice a week dedicated to listening. Thanks for this opportunity to expound on myself.
i was not meant to cast aspersions regarding non audio topics, but rather to suggest that people are unique in their pursuit of their hobbies.

what makes an audiophile different than a wine or art collector ?
Mrtennis, Your earlier post of which I responded to was fully in jest out of respect.
I fully understand and agree with your current question. I grew up in the Antique business, so I well understand the mind of the collector. I was drawn to this site to educate myself on "hi-fi" since I was ready to build a system of which I had dreamed of since I was very young.
I sense a Camaraderie and respect for a number of members here of good character of which I feel they also display in their everyday lives. Given that scenario it is almost inevitable that the conversation will deviate to other areas where opinions are held in high regard.
i get it.

incidentally, i was also a collector of antique swords, clocks and telescopes, many years ago.