Where do audiophiles retire?

I'm curious if there are any places that jumpout as retirement havens for audiophiles with easy access to entertainment,shows and shops. New York makes sense if you can afford it and Denver sounds likely if you like the climate and RMAF is your thing. Thoughts?
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I can agree with Duomike's answer.
I am actually considering Thailand and bordering countries. Good food as long as it is not squiggling or moving.
Beautiful culture, low crime. I would need to ship my huge JBLs
i find it very curious that there have been a lit of threads regarding subjects which are not audio related.

i find it interesting because implicit in the thread is that audiophiles are somehow "different" than other people.

is there any reason to single out audiophiles as to their favorite watches, cars, places to live and other similar issues ?
And to think that I was about to ask which brand of Tennis shorts audiophiles prefer for when I move to Vietnam or Cambodia.....
But we are! Who else criticizes the sound quality first in a movie theater and not the film production ;<)