Where did you buy your first audio gear?

I bought my first audio gear in a Post Exchange PX store in Baumholder Germany. I was a young soldier about 20 yrs old and bought a SAE amp and Preamp, Bose 901 speakers, Sony CDP-101 CD player and a Thorens TD 320 turntable. Where did you buy your first audio gear? What did you get?


@fertguy Where in KC did you buy your system?

I can't remember the name but it seemed like a high end store.

Bought my first system in high school in the early 70’s. Went to Tech Hifi in Springfield, NJ and got a low end Sansui receiver, Philips GA-212 turntable with AudioTechnica cartridge. Speakers were EPI 120. Later steam cleaned cookie sheets in a bakery over winter break to make enough money to go back to Tech Hifi and get a Technics cassette deck. First vinyl album bought and played on that system was Derek and the Dominos, Live in Concert.

Around the same time, my Dad got a system for our family room. Also at the same Tech Hifi store, he got a Sansui Seven receiver, Elac Miracord automatic turntable with Audio Technica cartridge and Ohm B speakers. 

A pawn shop in Austin, Texas, my freshman year of college at UT in 1988.  They had a pair of infinity speakers (I was an avid reader of Stereo Review at the time and knew that brand was at least decent) and they wanted $100 for the pair and I started to walk out of the store twice before they finally came down to something like $25.  They matched quite nicely with my cheap Sherwood receiver.  I wish I could remember what model they were.  That was the start of 34 years of obsession and buying and selling and tweaking that will likely never end.

A Marantz amp, klipsch floor speakers from an office mate, and a thorens TD 165 turntable.