Where did you buy your first audio gear?

I bought my first audio gear in a Post Exchange PX store in Baumholder Germany. I was a young soldier about 20 yrs old and bought a SAE amp and Preamp, Bose 901 speakers, Sony CDP-101 CD player and a Thorens TD 320 turntable. Where did you buy your first audio gear? What did you get?


Allied Radio on Western before they sold to Tandy. Still have and use the KA-4002. NO cap failures in 50 years. A bargain at today's $1025.

when i was in my first year of college in 1969 i bought an AR turntable, Sherwood receiver and KLH speakers from Len Tweten of Magnolia HiFi when it was in a house in the Magnolia neighborhood (where it got it’s name) of Seattle.

i did buy a used Wollensak stereo tape deck from a newspaper ad (remember those?) 2 years prior when i was in High School.

My first good gear was purchased from Jim Geiger's The Listening Post, Tempe, AZ around 1980.

Jim had great ears and a great room. One purchase was a pair of Magneplanar Tympani 1D speakers.

In 1975, at age 15, mail ordered from a company in San Luis Obispo a Pioneer SX-737 receiver, a BIC 960 TT, and Electro-Voice 3-way speakers. Spent all the money I made working that summer. Think the total including shipping was under $700.

Kept that system until age 22.