Where can you get access to great quality vinyl rips?

I think it would be great to get access to great quality vinyl rips from records that are in great condition (perhaps gotten an ultrasonic cleaning first) and with great equipment producing the sound (super high end tables, arms, carts, phono preamps, cabling, etc...as well as an excellent ADC for the conversion (Multi-bit ADC possibly???). I like this idea rather than buying CDs since the masters for vinyl typically have much higher dynamic range than their digital counterparts. Theoretically, if done right you could have a copy of an album that sounds like it does on an analog front end costing multiple tens of thousands of dollars. (I know this is a little blasphemous, but I think you could get it close if you have a good DAC) Anyone know of a service that does this?
Though making a personal copy of an album one already owns a copy of is something that has been tolerated by music publishers and sound recording owners for personal use (not proliferation), someone running a business that offered such copies could suffer liability, at least under U.S. law.
I suppose a business in the guise of a service, offering to digitize your personal collection, could try to seek some safe harbor by claiming that they were acting in your stead to perform what amounts to making a personal copy. But, that’s not your premise and I wouldn't be sanguine about the outcome. 
Laws outside of the US may differ in providing statutory exemptions for personal use copying. Interestingly, a case in Japan where personal copying is permitted rejected the defense of a company offering a scanning service for books to convert them into e-books.  See https://the-digital-reader.com/2013/10/04/book-scanning-services-now-illegal-japan/
There is a fair amount of law in the States on copying services that rejected the premise as well. 
 No legal advice intended here.

That said, there were some very well known ’rips’ circulating at one time.

Sometimes it's hard for a customer to get what they want :(
Consider doing this yourself for personal copies.  I've been recording vinyl playback on a high-quality turntable to a Tascam DA-3000 at DSD128.  For personal use, you can also use a hi-res PCM or DSD recorder to record hi-res content in real-time from streaming services.
Yeah, probably will do some ripping myself soon. I was thinking of getting a Schiit Jil and a new needle, likely a new Jico SAS to go with my Shure m97xe. So at least another $400 to get me started. Just got a record doctor V and that has worked wonders to reduce surface noise.