Where can you buy Triangle speakers in the SF Bay

I can't find a Triangle dealer locator on the website or anywhere.
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Here is the US distributor http://epitomeav.com/
Check Audio Vision SF at 1603 Pine Street and Van Ness.
Tel# is 415-614-1118.I beleived they do carry those speakers.
We carry Triangle speaker. (510) 713-9893
I emailed Triangle in France last November to ask a similar question. They sent me this contact info for the U.S. distributor:

210 Springview Commerce Dr.
Suite #140
DeBary, FL 32713

617 739 6745
Fax 1 425 642 4745
Email: bmoran[at]epitomeav.com
AudioVisionSF on Pine St carries Triangle and has a good number of their speakers in stock