Where can you buy REL sub woofers? Thx

I live in Southern California and I can't find a dealer for REL sub's. Anyone have a good suggestion for purchasing and comments about the Strata III or Storm III. Thanks for the comments
Tweeter Etc., in San Diego. I got my Strata III there.
Ambrosia Audio in the LA area is the best. You can also contact Sumiko Audio (SumikoAudio.com) who is the US importer and they can give you all the dealers near you.
IMHO Tweeter's sales people in my area are Circuit City retreads. The people at Ambrosia are audiophiles.
I agree with Sugarbrie. Most of Tweeter's sales people don't have a clue. I live in Connecticut (far from where you're trying to find a dealer) but I've spoken with the people at Ambrosia and they are knowledgeable and friendly. They'll give you good advice as to what sub will work best for you. Good luck.
I bought mine from Sounds Like Music in Arizona. Very nice, professional folks. Quick service, very knowledgeable.
I think Ambrosia has a deal on a demo Strata II right now. I can;t recall the exact price, but it struck me as being a bit of a deal if memory serves me. Good luck.
P.S. GNP in Pasadena is also a REL dealer.