Where can I send my tubes for testing?

over the years I have collected some vacuum tubes for system. Unfortunately I do not have a tube tester for matching, testing etc... where can I send them for a reasonable fee?
thanks for any help you can offer.
There is no substitute for having a tube tester "in house" to try to figure out why the glow went away at 9 p.m. on a Saturday.

Check Ebay under "tube tester". A tester for every budget. For quick and dirty testing (cheap to) I would suggest a Eico 667 ($30-90). Faster and easlier, a BK 600 or 700 series ($50-200). These testers will ID dead and dying tubes and will enable you to do rough matching of pairs.
These are not Hickoks but will do the job.

If you want the cream de la cream there is always a Hickok 539(c) for $500-1000. If you are going to spend big bucks make sure that the unit has been calibrated.
I would say check some of your local electronic repair facilities.
But I would also suggest that if you are going to play with vacuum tube hifi, your best bet is to look for a good tube tester. They can be found at a reasonable price, if you take time to research them.
I found mine on ebay.
Hope that helps.
TV-7 D/U is a popular and well featured piece as well - nearly as good as the hickoks in a lot of ways. Generally cheaper, very ruggedly built, and easy to come by. Can test any tube for audio that you would be able to test on the best Hickoks.

The Hickok 539b/C is a very nice piece, however many people with more money than brains have driven the prices out of sight on Ebay. Most don't even know *why* it's a better tester, but they just heard it was and now they want it. The only really "better" thing about it is the facility for easy hook up of a plate current meter, something that can be done but is more work on most other testers. In the Hickok lineup the 580 is also and excellent tester. Rare and not often seen, it was a replacement for the 752 which itself was designed to replace the 539 series. the 580 is fully transistorized, no tubes inside to replace, so calibration is not really an issue as it is with the others. Also the easy ability to do a dual test with the push of one button is nice. (Dual triode sections can be tested with just one button, no resetting of dials needed.) There's much good info on the net, do a google.com search...

Hello Tube Gurus! If I'm going to purchase a tester, are any of them too old to work on the following tube types?

12AT7's, 6201's and 6SN7's, 5965, 6JN6

Thanks Alot.
How about the HICKOK 533A? There is one on Ebay right now.
Peter, the 533 is decent but only really middle of the road. the 539 B or C is one of the best hickoks, as is the 580 that is on Ebay right now too. Also, I'd look for a TV-7 (D preffered), these are a little less $ than the hickoks but the same circuit. the tubes you list should be able to be tested on any tube tester since the 1940s.

have fun!
Ram Labs at http://www.tubeaudiostore.com/index.html. Probably the best tube tester out there and very reasonable prices.
Many tube dealers will also do tube testing.  A very good dealer of this kind is TC Tubes in Minnesota.  I have sent Tyler and Chelsea tubes several times for testing.  They do a couple of different levels of testing depending on what you need.

They also sell high end tested tubes of many varieties.

WOW!  Impressive resurrection of a 13 year old thread.  Really dug into the archives.