Where can I obtain data on Mission Tonearms

I just purchased a Thorens TD 160 super that came with a Mission tonearm and a Grado F2 cartridge from the UK. I plan on converting to a 60 Hz pulley and selecting 120V pinouts for North American Operation. The tonearm does not have any part numbers printed on it. The only marking is a Mission Electronics Logo on top of the pivot point housing.

I've had difficulty finding any information on Mission Tonearms. The tonearm appears to be well designed and of rugged construction. Are they considered to be good tonearms? Are they comparable in quality to Rega 250/300s. Can anyone direct me to websites that have information on Mission tonearms or send me information?
Hi there,
you might try the following link :

I used to own a Mission 772 ? & it was a very good arm.
Not sure how they compare to the Regas but they certainly sounded good in their day.
If it has the trough for silicon damping, this can make a big improvement. I used mine with all sorts of mm's & mc's - it seemed to accomodate most cartridges and gave good results.
Cheers - hope this helps.
Thanks, I'll check out the website
Hi there,
Sorry it was the Mission 774
There are two manuals to download at the site I gave you the link for:
one of them is
Rgds Simon
From reviewing the mission gallery at www.nakedresource, the tonearm is a Mission 774 LC. Has anyone use this tonearm? Any opinions? Does it compare at all with a Rega tonearm. I was planning on installing a Benz Micro Siver which is currently installed on my TD 166 MkII.