Where can I have the amplifier voltage switched ?

Hi all, I wonder where can I have my amplfier, pre-amp,cd-p voltage switched to 240v? And, is there possible to switch the voltage of speakers to 240v coz I am moving to England and would like to bring my hifi equipments over there. Please advise. If possible list the stores doing this kind of work. I have Mccormack DNA 2 revision A, Mark levinson No333, Hovland HP-100 tube preamp,Mark Levinson 38 ss Preamp,Sony SCD-777ES CD/SACD Player,Musical Fidelity NuVista 3D CD Player, B&W Nautilus 801 speakers,AVANTGARDE ACOUSTIC DUO speakers. Please help. Thanks.
Unless the electronic components have dual-primaries in their power transformers, I doubt that it is practical to convert all this. One route is to get very heft step-down transformers to run your 120VAC stuff on 240VAC. Another is to sell them and buy 240VAC components. That will also save you the shipping expenses.

The speakers, of course, need no changes.
Hi Kr4, How much would a step-down transfomer cost? Where can I get one? Would I need one for each audio component? Will the transformer do damage to the audio component in the long run? Will the quality of the audio components be affected? Please help anyone! thanks.
It's not only a question of voltage. In Europe and I am quite sure in UK too, we have 50 Hz cycle. In USA in 60Hz.
This difference can create troubles to gears having motors for example.(possible lower speed in some type of turntable i.e.)
Try to contact the British distributor of your gears, they could possibly convert them.Some of them could have
an internal switch making your life easier.
In the worse scenario go to the PS web site, they have huge voltage/current transformers. But this will cost you !
Let us know how it develops
No sweat at all!
there are quite some threads in AudiogoN about this topic. You can change every unit to any voltage but basically the dealer/distributor/shop will charge you for that. (McIntosh charged me 250 Euros to change an MC2000 to 240 Volts f.e. which is ridiculous, of course, but I didn't want to have this baby suckle from any transformer).You also can use some step up transformer. There are galore in different electronical stores. So it depends if you want to change for ever or just for some time.
Good luck!
This question comes up all the time. Just search the archives for "240v" and you'll find all kinds of posts on this subject.
Mercury Magnetics does these kinds of job with ANY component you might ever think of at any specified time you'd ask. All their job is guarranteed.

It's probably the largest today's high quality transformer manufacturer and you'd find their customer service work immediate and excellent. I do not remember their on-line name but if you type their name on Google search box you'll immediately get their listing first.
Hi , I moved over from North America, and I had the same issue.
First the Company to contact is the Moth Group, Mike Harris he is the expert tel 01144- 1234 741 152. They make this Line Conditioners with step down transformers all built in one. They are very quite and efficient. Speakers no need for any change as they are not powered. Your CD player , Pre-amps, OK . I would change the Levinson Amp to 230V. Let let me tell you my HDTV 53" is working ,Pioneer DVD-37 all from 1 3000 watts transformer. The TV you will need a Multi VCR for the Pal to NTS , Samsung makes one and there are others, get it off e-bay. Any quetions just e-mail. Note Turntables maybe a problem but the CD Player and I have a Class A cdp not a problem with the 50-60hz stuff.
For those using AC TT drive motors should request different pooley for 50Hz or modify to DC-motor that is much more quiet.
Wow, thanks a lot to all the fellow Audiogonists! I did not expect to get so much info out from this site. Well, I was wrong, you guys are very generous in throwing the info and certainly very helpful!! Thanks! would the difference of the frequency of the electricity affect the quality of the amp, pre-amp and speakers? How much will it cost to have the modification of the cd-player? Is the turntable possible for modification too? If so, what do they do with it? Thanks, I am fresh in the audioworld, but learning keenly from you guys!