Where Can I Have a Box Made for Speaker?

I have a pair of speakers and only one box for one of the speakers. The other box had to be thrown out after a basement flood. So now I'm short one box. Do you know of a company that would make me a new box? I could provide the original box and packing as a template for a new one. By the way, the company (Mirage) is no longer in business, so I could not turn to them for a replacement.
Try Wyatt Woodworking in Pennsylvania. They built custom enclosures for a speaker project for me, they know their business.

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Madisound sells speaker cabinets.

Save a search on ebay for your speaker model. ebay will e-mail you everytime one comes up for sale. You might find a pair cheap with blown drivers. Also try zoomthelist.com.
I don't know if Dan is talking about Wyatt Acoustics but when I was eyeing Audio Nirvana full range drivers I stumbled upon them for the cabinets.


Thanks guys. Not sure if you all understood. The box I need is the one that contains the speakers when you ship, not the speaker cabinet.
Mirage is still in business. Call them 1-866-428-2122
Actually, my bad Prpixel you are correct, Mirage is not out of business. I contacted them a while back and was told they do not keep boxes for the OMD 28 in stock or have them for purchase or for free..??? Made no sense at all.
Go to Fedex or UPS and get the closest match and wrap it like crazy with bubble wrap and dense foam. Tape it so it is tight and secure when placed in the box. There should be no wiggle room when done correctly. If shipping~~take pictures of your process and buy the insurance just in case.
Go to "custommadeboxes.com". I had a similar circumstance as you but needed a pair of boxes made. They were quick, reasonably priced, shipped with the box broken down to minimize shipping cost, and are willing to make custom orders of one box only if necessary. Many of the custom box makers require a large lot, but not this company. I also found them very friendly and responsive to deal with. As long as you have the original foam inserts, you should be good to go. Good luck.
Try U-line. They carry those heavyweight cardboard boxes, but you might have to buy more than one. I had quite a few of them which were, ironicaly, damaged during Sandy. Wet cardboard is not a good thing. Really.
Thanks everyone. Csmgolf, just what I'm looking for!