Where can I get XLR to RCA adapters?

Got an amp on the way with xlr inputs only. Can anyone tell me a good value source for quality xlr to rca adapters? How much should the price range be? ...or if you know where there is a used pair for sale, let me know?
Thanks and Happy Listening!
From Cardas.$54 I use them on my Music Reference RM200.
Kimber Kable offers them on a special order basis.

Try Radar electric in Spokane , Wa
myraj: go to the closest place that sells electric guitar or other pro sound gear. they should have what you want. 'course, if they don't have what you want, they should have what you need. -cfb
http://www.markertek.com. Good quality Neutrik adaptors for about $10 a piece.
Both atma-sphere and BAT sell them for around $50/pair. Go to their web sites for more info.
Purist Audio Design makes these. They can be gotten from the nice folks at Galen Carol (galen@gcaudio.com) for about $90 - $100. They seem to be quite transparent between a Burmester preamp and Levinson monoblocks.