Where can I get small apogee speakers?

The apogee ribbin tweeters have always impressed me do they make a small bookself speaker with these and where can I get them? Or at least the ribbin tweeters? Thanks Nick
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Apogee went bust in 1998. I don't think they made anything smaller than the Centaur Minor. For more info on Apogee speakers, click on Manufacturers List, click on A, and scroll down to the Apogee Speaker Users website.
Stands made by Apogee were mandatory for Centaur Minor performance, making them about the same size as the Centaur. This isn't exactly a small speaker, at least not compared to the bookshelf variety.
It certainly isn't small as a bookshelf speaker, but I think the Stage may have been as small or smaller than the Centaur Minor.
The Stage had a longer ribbon and was larger than the Minors. The Centaur (not Major, not Minor) had the same size ribbon as the Stage but used a bigger driver than the Minor (8" vs 6"). The Major had a longer ribbon than the Stage and a 10" driver, I believe. Stages likewise benefit from Apogee stand mounting (consider it mandatory to get them off the ground somehow)-- better yet, get the Apogee stands/subs combination and have a Mini-Grand system. I owned Stages, Centaurs and Centaur Minors and thought that each had their strong points. In fact, I still have a pair of boxed Centaurs but I've been too lazy to double box and ship them to interested parties. I pulled them out of the bedroom system in concession to my better half for the CLS/SW800 array in the living room ;-)
Apogee actually made a small hybrid (ribbon/cone) speaker for monitoring purposes right before their demise. I don't recall the model, but I see them in used ads occasionally.

Check the Apogee user's web site. I don't have the URL handy with me here, but perhaps another poster can supply it.

Took this out of the Apogee users web site. http://www.apogeespeakers.totalserve.co.uk/. Hope it helps. "Apogee also manufactured a large “LCR” monitor speakers for use as Left, Center, and Right channel speakers in a home theater system. A well built, large 40 pound monitor speakers, the Apogee LCR’s contained two 6½ inch dynamic woofers in a D'Appolito configuration around a 4 inch ribbon which was “rotatable” for use in either vertical (center) or horizontal (left or right) placement. In 1998 the speaker was re-designated Perseus.

Another home theater speaker was the Apogee Ribbon Monitor. This was a essentially an LCR without one of the 6½ inch dynamic woofers in a proportionally smaller enclosure, I believe the Hi-Fi journalist Ken Kessler uses 2 pairs of these in his home theatre setup.
The 1998 Cassiopeia speaker was essentially a re-styled Ribbon Monitor, designed to match the Cepheus series with a slanted outside edge, available in wood veneer finishes. To allow "bookshelf" use the bass port was relocated to the front of the enclosure."
There were two model(used, offered very cheap) at the audiovideotoday here in Huntington beach, Ca. 714-891-7575, ask for Mark or Dan Roscoe. Tell them NIL sent you. I think they were slants...
If you do not find what you are looking for in an Apogee (the user website mentioned above is excellent), you might want to check out redrosemusic.com. Mark Levinson's new company makes a hybrid ribbon speaker. The R3 Baby Reference is a bookshelf style speaker. I have not heard them, but as an Apogee speaker fan for many years I like to know what else is out there in case I ever need something new. Does anyone else have any experience with the Red Rose speakers?
I don't own them, but I have heard them and, as I've said on other posts, think they're something special, particularly when driven by the Red Rose (Audio Prism) electronics. Good bass extension for a small box, but probably better suited for smaller scale ensembles and not organ music, and better for a smaller room. The tweeter is what makes them stand out, in my view. Very extended, airy and natural. Sound better away from a wall, like all "bookshelf" speakers. There are a few Red Rose posts that you could check out on this site for others' opinions.