Where can I get replacement screws for Dynavector?


I am wondering if anyone knows of a reliable source to purchase screws for mounting a Dynavector 20XH cartridge. I misplaced one of them the last time I removed the cartridge from a turntable and cannot find it now. I would really appreciate your help. Thanks, Nick

Why not call Mike Pranka, the US distributor for Dynavector? He'll probably just send you one. Real nice guy. 314-454-9966 or pranka@sbcglobal.net
Failing all of the other good advice above:

McMaster-Caarr at http://www.mcmaster.com/

Brass Slotted Pan Head screws - part # 90928A211
(M2.5 x 10 mm long) - .45mm pitch) $12.33 per 50.

Or 316 Stainless (non magnetic) - part # 92290A060
(M2.5 x 10 mm long) - .45mm pitch) $14.22 for 50


Brass washers - part # 92916A315
(.101 i.d.) 100 for $1.89


Pricey, but if you have a few friends, you can save some for stocking stuffers.

Note that 10mm can be slightly long for some combinations of cartridges (with bottoming holes) and thin headshells.

8mm might be a safer all-around bet. Measure your single good screw and look up a different part #.

Thom @ Galibier
Thanks to everyone who made suggestions. Thanks Ncarv for the contact info for Mr. Pranka. He responded and is helping me out big time. I really appreciate the assistance once again.